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Hey everybody, just wanted to give you guys a quick update on whats going on over here, before we jump into the miniature challenge segment. We are nearing completion of our first set of sculpts for our commissions and out online store. Also we recently purchased out very own pressure casting chamber and we have all the mold making materials on order.


As we begin winding down the February Miniature Challenge, with just over 4 hours left to submit. We would like to thank all of you who participated , you did a wonderful job on your entries, and we will begin grading them soon. Within the next few days you should see your name and the amount of points you have earned, appear on our website, under the painter standings. Link in signature.


We would now like to announce the theme for the March Miniature Challenge. This month your challenge is to paint up a miniature to represent your favorite console RPG videogame character. Whether it be Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, or your favorite character from the Dragon Quest series or any other Japanese RPG. We wish you all luck and cannot wait to see the entries start flooding in.



Please note that characters licensed by any D&D game do not qualify for the theme of a video game character, the idea behind these contests is not to just paint a mini, it is to creatively interpret a miniature to represent a character that it clearly is not. (ie: cloud and link are acceptable entries, Drizzt and Conan are not) if you are in doubt , ask before you start an entry. If you decide to go against this rule, you will still get points , however they will be greatly reduced.


If for whatever reason, you are not a fan of console RPG videogames, you may choose a character from any other videogame you like.


And remember to take plenty of pictures of your progress, and provide a picture reference to the character you are painting.


For complete rules and guidelines please follow the link below.



All submissions are due before midnight on April 1st


Good Luck and Happy Painting!

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I am So In. Soooo many ideas...





off the top of my head I would LOVE to do a mini based on a darksoul character, think skimpy armor, shield in one hand and two handed sword in the other and it defiantly fits into the dreaded Jrpg category, I was tempted to throw my laptop more than a few times playing this game. But does it have to be an identifiable character from a game like cloud?



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