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This is my first time doing a serious modification of a figure. I chose for my character Selena from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. She's a dancer, and the figure I chose didn't look all that much like her, but it had the right 'attitude' if that makes any sense.




She needed a blouse. And pants. And most of that hair had to go. So out came the green stuff.




I work the next two days, so I'm declaring the figure done. If I get time to do touch ups or better pictures I'll edit this post. The red coral is a reference to part of Selene's story line in the game.




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So here we go my entry for the challenge. I decided to create Deneb Rhode from Ogre Battle: Rise of the Black Queen. I used #02621 Laurana for the base and sculpted a witch's hat for her from green stuff. The pumpkinhead models are from Old Glory. There is a line of superfigs on the site and that is where these guys are hidden. I can dig up the link if anyone is interested.


Enjoy Easter Break everyone!!






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So, progress has been made on Shadow Kanji from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. Still haven't found a decent Referance Pic that I can post here that is Safe for Work or anywhere else for that matter. So have been using the Actual Game event as referance! My PSVita is going to be fried at this rate:( Also, Minis for Regular Kanji and other projects have been back ordered at my FLGS and will not be here for a long time, unfourtunately.:(






I'm currently waiting for the Primer to dry completely before taking pics and paint him. Wish me Luck(I'll need it!)



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While I'm certainly going to try to have mine done, it's looking unlikely at this point. My son's been sick the last week or so, and time that would have been spent painting has been spent with him (he's 17 months). I still intend to finish and post my mini, but it will likely be after the deadline, unfortunately!

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Remember we accept the entry of any miniature during our challenges, if you missed the deadline for this challenge , post it in the next one for some points anyway.


To those that completed the March challenge, we congratulate you on a job well done, your points will be assigned soon and don't forget to check out Aprils challenge, it's a doozy.

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Due to the lack of participation the April challenge has been closed, those that attempted the challenge will recieve points based on their efforts.


As to the delay in dispersing the march challenge points, we have everything calculated and are in the process of updating the website to show the new totals.

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Point dispersal has been completed


Here are the standings for this challenge


(Blue Ribbon) Pragma young link 135 points


2 Pocketcthulhu Kain FF4 195 points

3 Orion2010. Deneb Rhode from Ogre Battke 99 points

4 Wolfie907. Cloud FF7 88 points

5 Argentee. Selena from Harvest Moon 88 points

6 Ben King. Claptrap/assassin from Borderlands 2 88 points

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