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That's a fine looking regult. It occurs to me that these mecha should have some decals or stickers included (or available separate) for markings. If I have to try and paint RDF symbols, it's enough to sour me on the deal. They won't look right without them, and trying to paint them is almost guaranteed to look craptacular.


However, I can be brought back around if the line produces some neato bioroids or invid. Those are the ones I really want. Macross stuff is overall fairly common, but stuff from Southern Cross or New Generation is ridiculously hard to come by. Every Robotech project starts off with Macross, and you hardly ever see anything from the other two parts.


Without a guarantee that we'll see anything from either of those, I won't back.

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From their blog:


The sculpts for the finished Zentraedi Officer’s Pod and Valkyrie in Battloid Mode just came in, along with a few others and . . . WOW. Harmony Gold loved ‘em too, because they have been approved. All sorts of work is in the completion stages for this dynamic product line. As I have said, this is a massive undertaking and it takes time to get it done right. And that’s what everyone at Palladium Books®, Ninja Division, Harmony Gold and Robotech® fans want. Our goal is to produce game pieces, rules and an expanding Robotech® game line that will make fans smile with delight and provide hours and hours of new gaming experiences.



The Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter is coming. This will be a Palladium Books® Kickstarter, but Ninja Division is doing the heavy lifting since they have the superior experience. As soon as these outstanding gentlemen have everything in place to make a rockin’ Kickstarter, we will launch. It is still planned to start mid-April. Yes, that means in something like the next 10 days. We will keep you posted.

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