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Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium


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The problem is the next part is half the size and the third is half again. And each time it operates opposite of normal scale reduction - which is smaller scale to field more pieces. The largest minis are also the largest fielded forces, the middle ones half the size are smaller skirmish, and then the tiniest ones will be the smallest tactical skirmishes.


I just don't see their plan to maintain scale across 3 eras as even remotely feasible when era 3 means pretty much everything will be under 10mm. (Yet for the most part as powerful or even greater, if they attempt to maintain cross compatibility with the RPG rule stats) ****


On the plus side, an Invid Invasion skirmish game for 3-4 players would fit in a matchbox then.


**** I don't know about the newer editions, but the old RPG stats mean a single 6mm tall motorcycle would be as powerful as a 6-pack of battle pods. Meaning a to-scale unit of 3-4 that could fit on a dime would be a match for a unit of 12-16 normal sized minis.


If they drop the crossover idea and set each era to size, not scale, they could produce 3 pretty cool games. Lumping them together will just be absurd.

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Update #162 is out.


In shocking news, containers continue arrive slower than Palladium's (thus far 100% incorrect) projections, but don't worry, everything will proceed as expected from now on!


In better news, a local friend of mine did actually get his wave one box this week. I may get to check it out over the weekend. I remain optimistic about the models. Everything I've seen so far looks great. I'm sure when fulfillment finally completes in 2017 the game will look amazing on the table. ::P:


What? Me? Jaded? Nawwwww.




OK, the first line was slightly unfair. To their credit, they did not actually make another ridiculous projection on when wave one would be done. this time.



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I do fund it funny that when a KS tells people nothing really about shipping, Bones one, there's a ton of complaining and when a company does the opposite (says what the expected dates are and talks about the delays) the other side of the coin complains.  Make me glad I don't actually run any of these things.

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I do fund it funny that when a KS tells people nothing really about shipping, Bones one, there's a ton of complaining and when a company does the opposite (says what the expected dates are and talks about the delays) the other side of the coin complains.  Make me glad I don't actually run any of these things.


I'll freely admit to being a complainer for this one. I'm not proud of it.


As stated previously, I would have been happier if their predictions weren't so transparently optimistic, starting with their original planned shipping date, which was never very realistic.


This last update is actually pretty close to what I wanted all along:


1) They said where stuff was and how they were progressing. 

2) They did not make a hard claim about when containers would arrive.


It gives me actual hope for the future.

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Edit: went and looked up the "official" measurements


Using the Robotech webpage here's what my mathemagical calculamations tell me the models' heights would be: (I'm using both 1:285 and 1:300 because I can't remember off the top of my head which one they went with.)


Robotech Masters Era (1:285 / 1:300)

Logan fighter: 18.77mm / 17.83mm (battloid mode)

AJAX space 'copter thingy: 31.23mm / 29.67mm (battloid mode)

VHT-1 Hover Tank: 21.75mm / 20.67mm (batloid mode)

Bioroid Soldier (the blue ones): 22.46mm/ 21.33mm

Bioroid Subcommander (the green ones): 22.88mm / 21.73mm

Bioroid Commander (the red ones): 23.33mm / 22.17mm

Bioroid Armored Fighter: 23.51mm / 22.33mm


New Generation Era (1:285 / 1:300)

VFA-6 Alpha (battloid): 30.7mm / 29.17mm

VFB-9 Beta (battloid): 48.07mm / 45.67mm

Invid Soldier: 8.07mm / 7.67mm

Invid Scout: 8.77mm / 8.33mm

Invid Fighter - Scout: 9.47mm / 9mm

Invid Trooper: 15.44mm / 14.67mm

Invid Shocktrooper: 16.84mm / 16mm

Invid Enforcer: 34.04mm / 32.33mm

Invid Commander: 30.7mm / 29.17mm


Cyclones would vary from 7.37mm/7mm to 8.77/8.33mm depending on variant.


I don't have the measured height of the actual Macross era figures so using the measurements from the website they would be...

VF-1A (battloid): 44.56mm / 42.33mm

Regult: 61.05mm / 58mm

Glaugh: 63.51mm / 60.33mm


DISCLAIMER: Measurements taken from www.robotech.com .  I took the height given, divided by the scale, then multiplied by 1000 to get the measurement in millimeters.

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Yeah, that's it. They're shipping orders of just the Battlecry set. I had a couple add-ons, but they're all wave 2 so hoping I get mine in the next week or so.


Also, got the latest update today...



Hey, guys. Looks like the Kickstarter site is about to go down for maintenance, so this will be really quick.

Container #3came in yesterday, and we've shipped about 400 packages since. Close to 300 expected to go out tomorrow, and hoping to pack another 1,000 over this weekend to go out on Monday. We're almost done with the plain domestic Battle Cry packages, by far the largest single group. Larger packages and other combinations coming in the next few days.

Container #4 is in Chicago, and should arrive in Detroit this weekend. Then, it's up to Customs how soon we get it, but hopefully end of next week.

Container #5is still being delayed, and was bumped from its train that was supposed to leave Tuesday. Hopefully it will get on a train leaving in the next couple days, in which case we'll probably get it first week of November.

Containers #6 and #7 hit LA early next week.

Container #8 is at sea, and #9is at the port in China, sailing Monday.

Have a good weekend, everyone. TONS of packages will be arriving on doorsteps next week.


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Got the stuff in hand... Where to start. My first emotion was excitement, followed by disappointment, followed by frustration. The good: I like the markers, the dice are fine, the template is fine. The book looks great although the back cover of mine was torn inside the box. It could not have happened during shipping as it was in the bottom of the box which was undamaged. So poor quality control. No biggee.

The bad: the sprues. "The miniatures were designed to create varied and dynamic poses" was the quote from the original kickstarter. Unfortunately they are not really posable unless you have some experience. The sad thing is the Zentraedi are actually not bad (except maybe the Glaug). The RDF... meh. They just flat split things where they didn't need to. The worst example is the missile bay door covers on the Tomahawk. They are wide and flat but split right down the middle??? At least they fulfilled the multi-part plastic kit promise. The bright side is I'll have miniatures to assemble through a ripe old age. Can I make these look good. Sure, but I'm an experienced modeler. Heaven help the newb who opens this box.


Final thought: Palladium was either disingenuous (which I don't really think, although they threw some BS around at times for a CYA), or they were just incompetent. While the game may be fun to play I don't hold much hope for it taking off because of the difficult entry point. If I used all my free time to assemble and paint these to any measurable level of quality it would be weeks before I have a viable force to get on the table. The models are just not well thought out, in particular for this scale.  

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