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My show off thread for March. Comments are always welcome.


Finished Reaper

77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger x4


Finished Other Brands

Unknown: Harpy

AEG/Valiant: Clan War Unaligned Shugenja

GW: Wraithguard

GW: 3 Empire Spearmen (2 regular 1 hero) (2000 WHFB starter.)

GW (Citadel pre-1990): Fimir Noble

Ral Partha: Thri-kreen (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set)

GW LotR: Ringwraith x5

Ral Partha:Gith (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set)

GW (Citadel pre-1990): Dwarf Adventurer (Bandit)

Ral Partha: Anakore (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set)


Bonenami: 134

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The first miniature I finished for the month is a mystery to me for who produced it. No identifying marks on the miniature, but it had a built in base and I know I purchased it in the early 1990's. Other than that...? If you can identify it that would be great.


Also because of the forum posting restrictions I can only show you the back of her here, you'll have to visit my painting blog to see the front and larger images. (Note small painted bare breasts are visible.)




Mystery Harpy on Blog

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Dig the blue highlighting on the feathers! I saw you solved the riddle of the maker of the mini, but for future reference another potential resource is a website called Miniature Heroes. The guy that run the forum sells quite a few older models along with Reaper and may be able to point you in the right direction.

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I wasn't really planing to finish this guy but he has been "nearly done" on my shelf for 13 years or so and I needed to use up some Christmas Wreath green (Christmas bonus paint) that I put to much out of, and so I got redone. Being a pretty simple model it didn't take a lot of work to get him finished to army standard.


Main point of interest is all the fabrics are based on a purple, either purple shadow or dark elf highlight to create a cohesion to the fabrics, while also distinguishing them from the other materials on the model. Also the skin, parchment and straw on his geta (shoes) are all based on Oiled Leather with either different highlights (shoes and parchment with Linen White stopping at a different point) or different mid tones (skin went to bronzed flesh before adding linen white for the final highlight).


For those who know the Clan War universe he is intended to fit in my Crane army, hence the blues and white hair, but I got kind of sick of just blue and white and so add green to the models in some way, he just happens to have a lot of green with less blue and white.




There appear to be a few stray bits of static grass on him as well, missed them in prepping the photo.


Why static grass? Because that's how my army is based.

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Wow am I having a slow month so far, almost half done and I've only managed 3 minis! I need to get a wriggle on if I'm going to get 20+ minis done this month.


So I have finished one of the 3 Wraithguard I started up (again) recently and here is the first one, I will not post the rest until they are all done, then I'll post a unit shot.



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So I finished my first Shadow Sister, painted up as a Drow (inspired by someone else here on the forums) - she still works for my Sisterhood force because "all women" are supposed to be welcome and in the most disreputable unit of the force.




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Loving everything. Loving the drow version of the Shadow sister. Now I don't know if I can see her as anything but a drow.


Nice stars on the eldar as well. I have tried to paint more traditional 5 point stars but they always come out lop-sided (at least for me). I may use this technique for all my stars in the future.

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Well hopefully as I add 3 more versions of the Shadow Sister the Drow will not be such a lock in.


As to the stars I'm not sure if I just decided to paint them that way or if I got it from White Dwarf years ago. It's not very clear from the photo but the stars are painted twice once with the brightest blue highlight and then again with a finer pure white coat.

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