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Sora Goldflame 03283 and Ral Partha Ogre


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Here's a miniature I finished a week ago, and a miniature I finished two nights ago.


First Sora Goldflame



I really like the pose on this miniature even though i had some troubles completing it. It's such a dynamic sculpt
It looks like there's a hair caught on the cloak in this photo of the back shot ><


Here's a favorite miniature of mine, an ogre with club from Ral Partha. Here's my original paint job from I don't know, twelve years ago, I think.


I brought this one home after visiting my family in Seattle and cleaned it up, sad that he lost his club because I want to put him in a three stage evolution diorama with: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ogre/sku-down/02325 and http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ogre/sku-down/03162
Well I gave him an axe blade from my bit box and think I did a much better job than sixteen year old me:
I really like how his sickly yellow skin came out.
here you can see where I need to fill in a gap with some flock.
ahhh and another gap, how great photography is for showing us what we missed in a miniature.
Hope you like them and thanks for looking!


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Its funny cause the mini I painted sure looks better then what comes out of the glaring eye of the camara


I know your pain... move the light and take lots of pictures and hopefully you'll get something close to what it looks like in real life :D

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