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SPLIT: Ordered & Boat Assault

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Others have already provided accurate answers, but I wanted an official response in here to let you know that the above 3 posters are all correct.


We will begin shipping in March, and have posted numerous videos showing that we have begun receiving the cases, the vampire level sets, and the foam supplies for the cases. We have not received all of the product, and we have not yet pumped the paint (we want it to be fresh, so we are waiting for the last minute), so we cannot yet begin shipping, but we are still on track to begin shipping next month.

Thanks Bryan. I admit, I havent been on the site or forums for a while until now. Work and real life responsibilities have been keeping me pretty busy lately.

Just thought there may have been another mass email to backers saying "dont panic" in fuzzy pink letters so to speak :) or that I might have fallen through the cracks if there were.


Don't worry we are keeping sharp tabs on the reeper folks, Infact if I suspect they are slacking I would be the first one banging on the door (unless someone lives closer than me)

after converting the camro for war..



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Now I'm wondering what the largest order reaper got was. I know my Vampire order with less than a dozen add on is smaller than the double-vampire with all the fixings guys. But what's the biggest? Is there someone out there getting double liche? Five of each add on?

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I've got two Vampires and 31 extras heading this way, so it will be awhile. Once it gets here about half will be heading off to my son, next time he can use his own credit card! (Actually, I'd happily volunteer to go to the back of the line if it would help relieve the stress on the Reaper folks. ReaperBryan has already said it wasn't possible, so they will arrive when they get here. :) )

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