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Buglips's Bones WIP Request Thread

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I have the trolls finished. There was only detail bits after last time, but I took pics along the way. I actually had them finished a goodly few hours ago, but couldn't get on to post until now.


So here's the finished basecoats:







Warts are ral partha sembia red. Loincloth is darkened partha khaki. Teeth and nails are coat d'arms barbarian leather, washed with some thinned down reaper brown liner to make the edges stand out with having to line them.


Hair is my new reaper earth brown, darkened with brown liner. I notice this new EB doesn't lighten as dramatically as my old bottle did when highlighting, so I'm interested to see how it looks on my ogres, orcs, and goblins.


And the finished product, with my original first Bones troll on the left to show how they've changed in the 60-odd minis since he was done.






I decided to make the boils look a bit pustulent, and I totally stole this idea from somebody. I went looking through show off to see who it might be, came up empty. So if you were the pustulent troll originator, or know who was, drop me a line so I can credit them for the idea. Hair and loincloth are just highlighted back up to base colour.


I changed the basing on these guys to "dungeon stone" as I didn't much like the "stone grey" look of the original dude's base (which was too similar to the khaki to use anyway).


So overall I think the trolls look better than the first one, and it does a neat job of showing that the more you paint the better your jobs turn out.

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nope. I had to go waaaaaay back and reread stuff, but she was just mentioned before Michelle was voted on. No one actually asked for her. I was remembering things differently from reality again. it happens a lot. Like that time when Checkov got shot at the O.K. Corral, I was sure Doc Holiday only had a pistol, but no he had a shotgun.

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I have multiple Flits "young fire dragon" - I have done a red, and a black, white, and blue are currently in basecoat. If you want one from the ground up, it'll have to be the green.


Minotaur's not done yet, either.


The gnoll is next, and then if you want the green draco and minotaur I'll add them.

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