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Buglips's Bones WIP Request Thread

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Coat D'Arms (and old school Citadel) are my favourite metallics. Though, truthfully, I'm losing my taste for metallic paint now. It's a necessity for the vast majority of my models, including a significant number of metals that need doing for table duty. But at some unknown future point I intend to finish the Tak (mostly I'm waiting on some larger Kolinskys now) and then slip a nice metal project in between Bones now and then. Whereupon I shall begin to experiment with NMM and some fancier painting. The Darkswords are probably well suited for that kind of project, as their numbers are still very low (three currently). So there's little to no pressure to do them in volume, and they can be my display pieces.

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I've recently picked up a set of Vallejo Model Air metallics, and I love the hell out of them - the bronze is a lovely shade, and the black metal is really cool (looks like hematite in color). I'll use them with glee till I work up the courage to try NMM, but honestly? My figures are going to be gaming figures. I'm not too worried about doing a quick metallic figure from time to time : )

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They do have a tendancy to seperate on the pallete, but no more than Reaper metallics really. As for in the bottle - well, I've added a 8mm hematite bead to each of my bottles as an agitator, so it's really not an issue : )


Gimme a couple of months to work with them and I'll let you know. Right now I've only used them on my spiders.

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I heard, a good while back, that Vallejo metallics had severe separation issues. Perhaps this has changed. Perhaps I should find out.


Perhaps I can find room for a few hundred more paints...


Currently all my metallics are Vallejo. They separate in the bottle (which I think is normal for all metallics) and they look like they're separating on my pallete but when I stick my brush in and use it everything just works out. Things might be different on a wet pallete. I haven't tried any of the Reaper metallics yet, maybe they're better. :)

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I'm in the process of painting that minotaur as well, hes a lot of fun. Yours is looking better though :(

I really liked the "reaper pro paint dragon gold" bracers in the early stage, looked like a very good tarnished metal colour. Might have to pick that colour up.

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So he's finished! Once I got into him today I just kept going, there wasn't much major to report in the interim stages anyway.


So the breakdown:


His horns I went over with some Coat D'Arms white real quick, trying to mostly stick to the upper parts so it looked kinda like shading. I see a lot of people doing real nice horns with dark bits, and striations, and little bits of brown. Real nice looking, but I didn't want to spend that amount of time and effort here. This did the trick, looks nice enough.


For his bronze bits I gave them a wash of Coat D'Arms brown ink. As it turned out, I had some CDA chestnut ink I forgot about which I found an hour later while looking for my CDA Barbarian Leather. In retrospect that would have been the better choice, I could have used more of it and got a richer shade. But the brown worked well enough, and when that was dry I went in with a small brush and used more CDA bronze to shine up a few spots.


I darkened his snout with some thinned Reaper brown liner, which I used on his teeth (based in CDA bone), and I also used it around his eyes and to darken the metals of his weapons a bit in the center and around the bolts. I also washed around his axe handle after the partha khaki turned out to not have much definition in the folds of the wrapping. I touched up his teeth and did his tongue in ral partha sembia red (mostly because it was handy - I seriously need some more paint storage). His eyes are reaper yellow something or other. I wanted to use Hawkwood like on the orc's eyes but I couldn't find it easily and just grabbed something with no label that looked close enough. It might even actually be hawkwood.


His hooves didn't have much visible at the end, so I just went over them quickly with some reaper master series dark elf shadow to make them a bit less black and shiny.


His hair and furry bits were brought up using old reaper pro paint woodland brown (note to BuzzardB, the reaper pro paints are discontinued and have been for some time so finding them isn't easy).


I used reaper pro paint truesilver on the weapon edges, and then at the end I went over the edges with some pure white to give them a bit more definition. This actually worked okay, but it turned out a bit sloppy because (of course) the absolute minute I started in on it somebody was at my door asking me to do something. Rather than pack up and do it later, I just did a quick job of it since it was his last bit. But it does work, so I'll try it again later - hopefully without interruption.



So I think that covers it. If I left something out or you have a question, ask and I'll see if I can fill in the blanks.



This is likely to be the last WIP for this particular thread. I hope you had fun reading it, I had fun doing it. There will be more WIPs, but since they'll be Kickstarter Bones then I'll do those as open community WIPs people can join in on and we can all have some paintslinging fun.


Unless somebody beats me to it over the next week or so, the first of the New Group WIPs I start will be . . .













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And he's done.







It all went pretty smoothly, except for the staff. My plan was to paint all the curly bits in a darker green, see if I could make it look glowy. But none, absolutely none of my green paint would go on. I think the scorpion green undercoat didn't play well with them. Eventually I managed to half-drybrush enough old reaper pro paint elven green on to at least make it resemble my cool idea, even if it's not as cool as I imagined. Sometimes that just happens, and paint does weird things. I figure it's not worht stressing about. This is fun time, not work time.


His eyes were finished off with a quick flick of old reaper pro paint Buckskin, which is a very light, pale yellow.


Overall he turned out pretty good, aside from the staff. But the staff should still serve its purpose and frighten players. It's still green and evil, after all.

Buglips, could you explain how you finished with the cloak? I like your highlighting work.

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Leather bits are Coat D'Arms Rat Brown darkened with Reaper Brown Liner, then highlighted with Rat Brown. I didn't list them this time because it's the same I did on the Bugbear, orcs, etc in previous posts. But perhaps I should, since some people will only find the thread with the latest post and not know what parts are repeated from previous Bones.

Buglips, do you buy Reaper Brown Liner by the case or what?

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