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Buglips's Bones WIP Request Thread

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Chop! I said nuts to working around that arm, off it comes. Now I'll find out just how well Bones takes to regluing.

Your arm's off!


No it isn't.


What's that then?


I've had worse.

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It's just a flesh wound.


So I think I've settled on a colour set for Michelle:




Now all that remains is to tidy it up. The hair is Reaper pro paint Chestnut Brown (another essential colour, if'n anybody doesn't have it - the MSP chestnut brown is pretty much the same). Her skin tone base is 4 parts pro paint fair maiden (fair skin MSP or HD Maiden Flesh would substitute) to 1 part chestnut brown. This is my standard formula for skin in the caucasian range (for males I use causcasian instead of fair maiden).


Her leather leggings/boots are darkened coat d'arms rat brown - same as the hard leathers on the orc and bugbear. Her main armor is done like their soft leathers/quiver. This is just a reversal of things, Michelle's soft and hard leathers being like their hard and soft. These two schemes for leather get a lot of use because they generally look real good, but there's lots of other ways to do them, too. For now, and for bones, if it works it's a quick go-to. You could do similar effects using reaper walnut, chestnut brown, and oiled leather. Or any brown and tan. Even mix the two constituent bits together. Overall the reaper range of browns and tans will yield more flexibility than these coat d'arms. These will almost always look the same because the pigment is so strong and overpowering it only exists as "dark", "mid", or "light" pretty much no matter what your ratio is.

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Lest you think I just randomly dismembered her, that arm was a separate piece glued on at the factory. Actually, a surprising number of Bones are multipart. Goblins, orcs, things you wouldn't necessarily expect. Most times they're not in the way enough to matter, but after losing my patience with the bugbear's shield I'm mercilessly amputating anything in the way from now on.


The arm is being painted along the way, I just haven't bothered to include it in the photo since it's the same as the present arm.


Anyway, I've done some highlights:






Her hair was Reaper pro paint rust followed by a top bit of reaper pro paint burnt orange. The cloak is highlighted up with some reaper pro paint olive. The leather is just CDA barbarian leather.


As she's a "hero" mini, I'll probably add an extra highlight layer. Probably some olive mixed with yellow for the cloak, and barbarian leather mixed with linen white or something.


I plan to do something different for her blades than my usual drybrush. As I expect she'd take better care of her accessories than the average orc or goblin, I'll straight paint them coat d'arms chainmail. Then I'll paint in the center with some reaper pro paint steel plate, probably thinned a bit. Then for the finaly touch I'll paint the sharp edge with some reaper pro paint truesilver. That ought to make her "paddles" a bit better defined, and smoother-looking than plain old drybrush.



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Well. I had a real nice series of photos taken to show how my metal experiment worked out. But, the camera decided it wasn't really feeling it today and decided to show precisely none of the steps.


But it did work, even if the picture makes it look dull and gray. And I did another layer of highlights, which I also had some most excellent tutelage for and which the camera also decided it didn't feel.


So you know, I added some yellow to the olive green and some linen white to the barbarian leather and gave her an extra little bit of pop. Which, I assure you, looks very nice on my table. I was quite excited to show you.


But anyway, here's some lackluster photos:





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Michelle is finished. This may be my last Bones WIP for a little bit. It murderlizes my productivity to stop and take snaps and do write-ups, and I'd like to get some of my 30-odd orcs and gobbers finished before The Horde shows up.


But anyway, here she is relimbed and ready for action!





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Bones Bethalian WIP, please.


Cool. That'll give me a chance to break out my old Partha Paint Mind Flayer Mauve.



There is my first (and only) suggestion!

Started reading this topic not knowing how long it was. I'm very glad that I got to see the Bethalian WIP, and the comments about sculpting an encounter around the mini... I can just see myself describing the sight before them "And he walks into the light, blue robes and bright green pulsing staff" "Wait, what?". Best way to scare characters, the unknown!


To echo a lot of what was already said in this topic already, thanks again for the great breakdowns! Hopefully the next time you do a WIP request, you'll show a little more of the magic!


Also, I'm glad you had a picture with her and her arm attached in the end, I almost forgot i was supposed to be there!

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