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Old Crow Models.


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Hey all!


First of all, I want to publicly thank SOldcorn for his efforts in getting these models to some loudmouthed Yank in California.


Second of all, Sweet Jumping Monkeys these are great models!


I picked up the Crow Dropship, the Lancer heavy APC, and the Saber Hvy. Tank.


These are 25mm science fiction models, and very well done if you ask me. I've been putting these things together (dry run, after all) and amazed with how smoothly they are fitting together. The details are crisp and well done, perfect for 25mm science fiction RPGs or wargames. You do have to import them to the US, which is the only downside, but they are quite, quite nice.


Some people might not like them, but I say 'if you want an interesting diversion from most of GW's line, check them out, I'm sure you'll like it.


--LSH, will post more details about them after I stop babbling.

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I have some of the Old Crow stuff myself, and I can attest they're cool and groovy. Their terrain is nice, and about the right size for CAV although a tad small if you're gonna be acurate.


However, their tanks and dropships are cool.... and the 25mm ones work for CAV as well.

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Alright, the madness has passed and the dust has settled, time for an honest look at the minis I've got. I'll start in order of immediate coolness:


Crow Drop Ship:


First of all, the physical appearance is just good. It looks like the Drop Ship from 'Aliens' and an Apache helicopter met and had a beautiful, powerful child. The front half of the model looks spot on for an attack chopper, and that's not a bad thing. The engines are up high on the model, reminesant of an A-10 Warthog. There's a big, blocky middle to the model where your couragous (and slightly insane) troops would come out of, the hatch is in the back, no big. There's a tail to the model, but it only adds to the sleekness of the model. The wings look good, simple with a slight downsweep that adds to the effect of a hawk pouncing down on its latest meal.


Next to a sci-fi grunt from GW, it looks right. That's great. So I can use it in my games, and it's neither too unwieldly for a table, nor too small to make you think noone could fit in it. This model could easily be put on a GW table with a few flying skulls or other odds and ends, but that's personal taste.


Saber Heavy Tank:


If you ever thought 'I really love tanks for my 25mm army, but I want something that doesn't look like Kaisar Bill himself is driving it' this is the tank for you. Blocky, yes, but it looks like it means business. The model came with what looks like a smoothbore cannon, as well as a smaller laser muzzle. I put on the smoothbore for style differences, add stats as you will. (and you will)


This model can come as Tracked, Hover, and Grav, I went with Tracked. The parts all went together smoothly on all the models, but I will make mention that very little prep work was needed on this tank. A little glue, and I was ready to rock.


Lancer Hvy Assault Carrier:


First of all, it's as wide and long as the Saber, reminds me of the APC from Aliens, but tracked. This was the fastest to put together, with a total of six parts on the body, and three more for the turret. A good model if you want an alternative to the GW chimera


All in all, great models all around.




Clean lines, very modern looking resin models suitable for GW, Stargrunt, or just playing Army Men.


Easily assembly, I literally put all three together in about 45 minutes. I did a combo of super glue and two-part epoxy. The superglue to get an instant grip, the epoxy to make the binds permenant. These things are staying together through the heat-death of the universe.


I also want to note two things: The first is that all the parts were pre-sanded and sculpted. The guys at Old Crow did their business with these. All I had to do was assemble, all the boring parts (sanding and such) were done. Also: I have found maybe three bubbles in the resin, nothing a little sculpting putty can't take care of in a few moments.




Living in the ol' US of A, these models can get pricey, quick. Can't be helped, between exchange rates and shipping, you're looking at about $30 for each model, so these three put me back over $100. It's a hard one to swollow for some of you all out there, but I think they're worth it, especially since a comparable GW plastic, or Forgeworld Resin will set you back as much, if not more!


All in all, I think these are good models for people to take a serious look into, and see if they're the sort of thing they want.



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With regards to Lstorm's 'con', I feel I should point out that there are figures in the US which are easier to get hold of than in the UK (CAV's being one of them :o)) so don't be afriad to contact myself, or perhaps Stuart, with terms of a trade :o)


Lstorm, happy 'motoring' :o)

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as we say here in texas the Revenants are Purdy...I've seen them, held them and well made lustfull comments about them... then Ivy made me put it back on her desk.


I'm probably going to have a nice Mark 4 section of three Wights and a Revenant.


I'll put a list to gether and we'll go from there Leech


Mad Pat

Dallas Texas

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