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Wow, that's beautifully done. The kimono is just poetry. She looks really creepy. Well done, MonkeySloth. And thanks for the 3D pictures; I love that effect.


Oddly enough, as a historical clothing pedant, I love seeing a "geisha" who is actually dressed as a geisha rather than a Busby Berkely showgirl sticking a bare leg out of a kimono dressing gown.


... Not to knock those figures, which are fun, but the authenticity nut in me loves things like this.

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Phenomenal. The green blending is bananas. The freehand works well, a kimono like that really needs it. I even like the base, nice job all around.


Looks great in 3D, the underside of the umbrella sells it.

The umbrella combined with the rocks in the foreground make for an awesome 3D image!

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this post may sound a bit harsh, but I think you're one of the people looking for an honest and thorough critique ::):

I like this paintjob (even though I recall much better attempts from you), colours work well together, blending is superb, and you've generally been successful in transferring the image of an undead geisha ::):


now, on to the things I don't like that much or could use some improvement:

- contrast - nice in some spots, definitely insufficient in others. also, you should be more consistent with lighting. Some elements suggest zenithal lighting (especially if you look at her back), on the other hand, elements like inside of the umbrella do not support this.

- freehands - well designed, though do not seem to be crisp enough. btw, that's one of the problems I have with my freehanding attempts.

- face, especially around mouth, does not look legible, like it need some definition

- eyes - if that was supposed to be OSL, it's not really convincing. some glazing on the skin around eyes would probably help.

- base - bit too small for a showcase piece. also, you could make it more 3D, raise the wooden deck a bit over the water level

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Thanks for the honest critiques Nameless.


I really struggled with the contrast on this one, partially because of the colors that I'm not use to and partially because of my Zenithal lighting. I had it pretty decent but the freehand removed a lot of the contrast and I didn't spend the time bringing it back up like I should. I also didn't take the umbrella into account for the highlights and shades until I actually finished everything up and placed it on--felt kind of dumb about that. But, at the same time, mistakes like this are OK if one learns from them.


The Eyes aren't OSL, just wanted some contrast so you could see them--probably should have done the same around the mouth as well.

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