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Thanks for the kind words!


OC, I hear you on the gem. Totally phoned in :p I do need to learn non-oval/round gems. They were one of the things I learned at the tail end of my first dabbling with the hobby in the 90s, the GW way. You can see that on my Bones Ogre's wrist. I'd really like to develop a better style overall for gems, I've seen some stunning stuff...


My favorite part on this one was the back of the cloak going from a nice deep, rich dark green up into soft highlights. Still trying to bump my contrast up until I take it too far :) Putting the red into the shadows and then using blue in the deep shadows really helped this one and was a start on where I'm heading as a painter. Baby steps and whatnot.


I also like his gold pinky sheath :) My nod to Ozzy.

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That finger just looked weird and I happened to read an interview with Oz about Sabbath's new album, voila.


And thanks for the compliment on the eyes. Normally I don't like to give monsters pupils as it humanizes them, but I wanted to do the eyeslit on him. Oiled leather, palomino gold and pure black.

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