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Anyone for a Dragon's Night Out?


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Ok, here's the deal. Every year we discuss bringing my Dragon's Night Out scenario down for ReaperCon. Every year the 8' x 18' table is just to darn big. This year we have more room with the off site location. Ron thinks we can squeeze it in at the hotel.


If you haven't heard about it, Dragon's Night Out is a twist on the Warlord rules. You get to play one of 10 unique dragons and rampage through a valley causing general mayhem, capturing the princess and dwarven ale wagon, eating knights and ballista, and terrorizing orphans, villagers, and sheep. Those who know it from Origins and GenCon can tell you how much fun it is.


Is anyone interested?

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Yeah, I'll agree that there is apparantly a bit of interest. Now I have to find a couple more helpers and figure out how to add even more stuff to my van for the drive down!


ChaosScorpion - If you can get a lesson or two on the basic mechanics of Warlord 2nd ed you should be good to go. While it isn't pure Warlord, the mechanics and special abilities are all the same.


Oh, and MiniCannuck pointed something out. The Doom Bunny technically isn't a dragon. So it's an option of 9 dragons and the White Rabbit (a.k.a. Doom Bunny). If I can get inspired to finish an idea my buddy Dave has there may be another non dragon option. Also, if I can get my Clockwork Dragon soon enough it might fit in real well. Who knows.......

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