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is Valiant Enterprizes still in operation?


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Sorry to post about a competitor, but,


Reaper doesn't exactly make Clan War mini's anymore!



i tried contacting VE ltd recetnly, from two venues, and i have no word in response.


anyone have some news? or do they hate me that badly? ::D:


just asking.

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Speaking of Clan War I am missing a Unicorn Army Boxed Set. The FLGS you mentioned wouldn't happen to have one of them, would they?


they only have the one box and I have no idea which one exactly, only that they had one. And its an oooold one too. they also have a very old Hobby-Q paint set that includes a bunch of 'nervous parent' friendly minis. i'll take pics the next time I'm in there to show off the archived goodies they have.


EDIT: @chaosscorpion: I'll drop by there again while I'm off tomorrow and find out for you.

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