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14475: Raptor WIP

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So the druid link has a pet raptor that was on the island the party picked him up after a Near Total party wipe. I decided on a bright color scheme as I'm rather fond of the feathered raptors. I used the black glazing trick I learned with doing the animal form a while back to very good results, it shows up better in the show off thread.


My first sign of trouble, That really bad flash isn't flash it's a miscast on all four arms... and I broke that one talon off trying to clean said flash before I realized what was up.



I tried liquid green stuff to seal up the enormous gaps around the arms but they kept falling out despite the glue, Ended up over filling the holes with super glue then adding a few dots on the outside to secure the arms, the joints on the arms were also miscast so fun fun.








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