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Oldies but Goldies -Arachno Assassin 02126

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I have been out of the hobby for ages. Here is another one I painted in an earlier life, when drybrushing was king.


This is perhaps one of the quickest paintjobs I can remenber doing. Basecoat-inkwash-drybrush-details-done in 60 seconds (more like 120 actually -at least if we do not count drying time for the wash and flocking of the base.


Painted with mainly old roundpot Citadel and "Miniature Paints by Gamecraft" (smell exacly the same, I belive these were made by the same manufacturer, what today sells as "Coat D'arms".

Some of these paints I have with price tags dated 1998 and earlier. And they are still perfectly usable (!).


And yes -I am reusing the same text as in other oldies but goldies posts. since it pretty much does say what it needs to ;)


I also really like this model. The arms are eminently positionable for a more threatening stance.



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I'm still not sure if I like the Arachno's.


The paintjo is good and I would like to see his backside. And if you have more Arachno's, I would like to see more, too. :-)


I'm thinking about making skeletal mariliths. I would like to know if there are skeletal tails/nakes usable for this modification.

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