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Bones KS: What are you doing for bases?


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I tend to buy bases in advance of projects when I find them on sale, or sometimes even on impulse if I walk into a store and they have some scenic ones I'd been eyeing in stock.


As a result I have a good supply of the plain plastic based of the sort you'd see from GW, the lipped plastic bases you see from various companies, MicroArts scenic bases, assorted misc... Really I'll use whatever I feel suits the mini.


I do tend to prefer round bases though. Unless I plan on using the mini in an army unit for wargaming.

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I've got a big stockpile of War Cast Studios (http://www.warcaststudios.com) resin decorative bases I got in bulk a while back, so I'll be using those whenever I can.


I tend to use the "industrial tech" bases the most -- 25mm round bases with anti-skid patterns and conduits and such -- and I'll likely use these for my NOVA and IMEF troopers, plus any of the Chronoscope who look like they'd work for sci-fi, steampunk, or modern "zombie apocalypse."



If I paint 'em all rusty, they work just fine for steampunk and dystopian settings. In a pinch, they are passable for modern settings (as, hey, maybe the character is running around a factory somewhere), post-apoc, etc. I also use them for sci-fi if I paint them up a little less rusty, a little more futuristic: A lot of the features become light sources -- rivets, tubes, grates, etc. -- to make it more "high-tech," and the floors tend toward grey or even white rather than gunmetal or rust.


I've also got a bunch of the "industrial tech" bases:


The ones with those channels in the floor more definitely work for "futuristic" settings. However, the two bases that just have some plain anti-skid patterns work pretty well for modern as well.


For the Chronoscope western types, I've got a bunch of "cracked mud" 30mm bases, with the occasional cattle skull, also from War Cast (though I couldn't find a picture).


For that pulp "shadow" figure, I've got some cobblestone street/sidewalk bases, one of which should probably work nicely.


For the pirates, I'll use some "wooden plank" bases, which I figure would be nice to suggest ship decking. I might further decorate with some thin braided wire to make "coiled rope," and other little props.


For the ghosts, I'm planning on making the basing a lot less setting-specific -- just simple outdoor flocking, or else some sort of "tiled floor" design. After all, ghosts work just as well for modern (Ghostbusters!), fantasy, or somewhere in between (ghosts for a pirate campaign).


For the fire elementals, etc., I'm planning on using my "cracked rock/lava" bases, painting "glowing" fire in the cracks of the bases.


For the mummies, I've been working on some decorative bases with an Egyptian theme that I think they'd work nicely with.


And then I've got like a bazillion "dungeon tile" floor pieces (billed as "cobblestone" at War Cast Studios) that I'll use as a standard for assorted fantasy figures that I decide to paint up.


There's no particularly good reason for them to be on squares, except that a good portion of my fantasy collection dates back from my Warhammer Fantasy Battle days, so I tend to base fantasy minis on squares out of a matter of tradition.



For the big'uns, it's probably going to be mat board and custom decor, as there's no way I'll find a prefab base that works perfectly.

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I'll start with the Litko bases I already have. Hopefully, the DCM (above) bases will come through and I'll use those as well. Possibly some cheap disc bases from eBay.


I'm coming from pre-painted plastics and don't really care about making bases look good. I just want the figure to take up the appropriate amount of space on the mat and not fall over.

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I plan on basing most of my fantasy Bones on 1 inch square bases to allow for proxy in Warlord. My basing thus far is minimal, just some sand and stones, but I have picked up a bunch of the Woodland Scenics diorama kits (good value for a diverse mix of items in a smaller than shaker jar size) from the school section at my local AC Moore so I should be amping it up in the near future.


As far as any not intended for Warlord, I've got a bunch of old bases from various manufacturers kicking around that I can use. While the scenic bases every has been posting look great, I tend to spend that money on more minis. TBH though, I have so many minis (and more to come with the bones) that I could divert some spending.


Hmmm, bases or minis.... 'fraid minis will win.

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As a result I have a good supply of the plain plastic based of the sort you'd see from GW, the lipped plastic bases you see from various companies, MicroArts scenic bases, assorted misc... Really I'll use whatever I feel suits the mini.



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Once the bones arrives I'll make two piles


the 'stands up fine' pile, and just use them as is with painted integrated bases


and the '%##%*** things keep falling over when anybody bumps the table pile' which will need rebasing. I've got a few resin bases for special cases (eg Cthulhu), but most will go on cheap plastic bases (I'll cut the integral base of some, others I'll build up the plastic to match, depends how they look)

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