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He-Man colors? I dunno.... :-)

Dave bee

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02698: Melorian, Female Ftr


:rock: This sculpt looked a little plain to me for some reason in it's bare metal state. But, the more I worked some color onto it, I realized that it was actually more dramatic and I think very rad, in contrary to what I thought going into it. ::D:


Dennis Mize sculpts are that way with me sometimes, I've noticed. Maybe something about a subtlety to his sculpting style.... I dunno :blink:


I think maybe she turned out like He-Man, you know, color-wise... but a chick. Whoah :wacko: She-Man.....


No way! ::o: She-Man channeled him/her-self onto the model through me! Undoubtedly :ph34r:








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wOW, you are completely right.... who the heck am I thinking of... I never even watched He-Man..... :huh: WTF... Ugh... She just Looks Like soooomebody.... -_-

Er... well, I guess everyone looks a little like somebody. <_< Wha, I'm starting an debate with myself :mellow:


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He-Man had a girlfriend / sister / female counterpart.. ? ..she had a pegasus or a unicorn for a steed (instead of the huge cat) and her own show?? but she had a near-twin of HM's magic sword. I was never a fan back in the day but the local cartoon channel is re-running the whole saga.


Something like Shara? Sheera? Honestly, I think the cartoon character had a more extensive costume than the mini in question... [quick google search]



Like I said, the cutlery is a matched set.

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I like the metallic parts and the contrast you achieved there. on the contrary, I think you could be more subtle with contrast on skin (did Nameless really say that?!) Sculpted anatomy is quite weird IMO (look at the left thigh for an example) and you have emphasized that with dark shadows.

Blond hair - I think some final highlight at the top of her head would be suitable.


Nicely done!

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The chrome look to the metals is awesome, and I like the back of the shield as well.


I see some strangeness going on in the flesh, odd yellow bits in particular, but that could be my eyes or the photos.


I would love to see her from the other side as well, so we see the shield face.

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