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Pinky's Stuff - Old and New [multiple manufacturers]


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As with many, I've recently fallen off the wagon after roughly 15 years of ignoring miniature painting, due mostly to the Bones Kickstarter, but also due to my gaming group's renewed interest in Warhammer Quest.


Anyway, I've just started to take pictures, my picture rig is literally a few pieces of plasticard, my painting light, my phone's camera, and a couple of filters on photobucket. I've tried not to alter things too much electronically, but somethings definitely need "restored" when using a phone for pictures...


First up, one of my first NMM attempts (just the silver armor and sword, not the gold stuff) - the figure is a lieutenant from Descent:RtL (FFG):






I haven't done much basing work since I've been back at the hobby, as almost all my minis receive heavy use as game pieces. I might go back and base them later, the Micro Arts stuff is pretty cool, I got a couple dozen of those for my upcoming Bones Vampire package.


There's also a small blemish on the bottom of his cloak (back). It's a chip courtesy of one of my less careful friends. I dulled it a bit in post but you can still see it's there.


C+C appreciated.

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This one's a bit older. I love working with undead, I like applying multiple layers of washes in different colors, and mummies and skeletons are great for that I've found.


This is a metal Reaper Mummy, It's probably from a short burst of minis I did a just a year or two ago. I believe we are getting the same mini for the Bones KS.




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Some of my favorites are really not photographing well. I'll have to invest a little more time in the setup, maybe spring for a new camera soon.


In the meantime, I did get some post-able results from two of my Bones figures. The Werewolf is pretty straight forward:






And the Cave Troll, which due to my lack of mixing in any dulling agents, I've decided is a River Troll:







That way, I can say "Yeah, he's supposed to be that shiny".

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Grab a shoe box, cut out 3 sides (leaving a frame) and cover the holes with tissue paper (the gift wrapping stuff). Print a background out in grey tone (clouds or similar) and put that in the back. Quick, cheap & it works.


These look like good tabletop miniatures. Based on the photos you could perhaps bring the highlights up a notch more.

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