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I am considering an adventure for my local group that will involve some extended underground travel. It's a custom campaign so there's no Underdark and what not, but there will be some shriekers, mycanoids, and other plant based life in addition to some traditional underground dwelling critters.


To that end I have begun a project to make some fungi to place on the map.


The plan for the first one was simply an ovoid on a vertical stalk (like a bush) with irregular growth. I added a toothpick to a plastic base and trimmed it at the max height I wanted for this large fungus.


Then using superglue and sand I built up the tip of the toothpick with sand. Once I had a core I added ballast to the outside using superglue and sand to cement it all together. I then knocked off a couple of small chunks of ballast to maintain the irregular shape.


Voila, a large green ovoid fungus that will exhale spores into a chamber as a natural trap to create some carrion to grow on. (side note to self: disassemble a skeleton to "grow" a fungus from)




I added more ballast to a section of the ovoid and the ground. This will be a separate organism / parasite that is growing onto the ovoid.


So after filling the parasite with a bit of glue to blur the organism into itself, I painted it orange and then back on the ovoid I painted in the raised sections white and then filled the interior of that with a purple.


See ... at this point I had forgotten something ... adding the Glow in the Dark medium to the paints. So angry.




The next step was to continue introducing paint to increase the texture contrast and make the white/purple into "caps" around the sides of this ovoid while leaving a lot of the base ovoid "exposed".




When next we see the ovoid again, you'll see some lining around the "caps," mottling on the base ovoid and a wash to add more shadows to the parasite organism.

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Ugh, disgusting! Great work.


See the miniature is already doing its job. Setting the players on edge before they even encounter anything.

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Here it is with a darker green outline around the "caps" and the parasite growth.



Tonight I'll get in there and dab in some mottling on the remaining olive drab color.

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Final phases are completed. Mottling of the ovoid and ground cover:




Then tipping the parasite growth with some off-white and clean up.




I'll get the light box out later for final photos to post to Show Off. It got a dullcote finish last night before heading to bed. I might go back and add some gloss varnish to make the "caps" shine a bit.


Feedback is welcome. I'll be making some more of these just to have a few to spread around.

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Next up:

Ten Foot Mushroom


This piece is initially made out of Sculpey. I created a core and cured that. Then I attached more clay to get the rough stem show below. I made a small cup for the mushroom cap. I assembled all of those with super glue and a pin for the cap. Then I added sand and some ballast to represent other plant and fungi clinging to the larger mushroom.




With all of that attached to the base I felt the roots need an extension and the cap needed its frill. So I used Green Stuff to make two longer spiraling roots and filled the cap and made the frill. This is the first time I've ever used the two part epoxy. I usually use the paste to fill gaps.




Since then I put some paint on it to start it off. A white primer first then some vanilla/ivory on the stem/roots a brown wash and golden yellow on the cap.




So you can see the size of the mushroom ... here it is next to my Reaper Wraith (02587 :: Wraith w/ 2hand sword by Sandra Garrity).




More to come.

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I love that mushroom. Really really nice. A slightly bigger base might have been better? Also you should have made a silicon mold and made lots! I'm very impressed by the sculpey / gs skills you have. :)


I think the undercut on the cap and frills wouldn't work easily. It's easy enough to make them with the clay. Maybe I'll make a few with molds in mind. I got a large bag of Dental Stone from my stepfather not long ago to try out. Just need the silicon.


Love that yellow capped mushroom! Don't know why I keep opening this thread expecting to see giant slugs...


Maybe next week, Agentee. They should be easy enough to make. ::D:

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