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Veronica Mars movie.. goal 2M, hits it in under 24h


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I watched and enjoyed Veronica Mars when it was on, especially the first season. The feisty teenaged private eye solving the mystery of who killed her best friend (played in flashbacks by the lovely Amanda Seyfried) was really well done. Kristen Bell's Veronica was a wonderfully flawed and real character. Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me, Person of Interest, Flashpoint) was also amazing as Veronica's disgraced father. I am very happy they are finally making a movie (something that has been discussed since the series ended in 2007) and am happy to back it. Sadly, no swag for me, at least so far, as they have some rights issues to work out before they can offer any international rewards.

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Not a fan of the series, but looking over the project, they were very sharp with their KS pledge levels. If I were a fan, I'd feel like pretty much every pledge level would be offering me good value for my dollars. It's a good model for structuring rewards to generate revenue.



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Yeah...Joss is a smart guy, and like most of the Firefly cast at this point, he's moved on to projects that get him paid in something other than theoretical future dollars and fan happiness.


Although this KS proves fan happiness is worth something. I just hope the $10k pledged doesn't expect to get "discovered" through this movie. :D

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I backed this immediately after seeing it on IMDB yesterday, but I'm still a bit iffy on how good it can be. She's clearly not a teenager anymore. Friend's murder - solved. Her rape - solved. Twice. If you believe the little teaser, she's off to join the FBI. Anything added at this point is going to functionally be a different set-up that just happens to have the same characters. It's worth supporting, because anything will be better than Transformers 9 or whatever else Hollywood is planning to make next year, but I don't really expect it to capture much of the original show.

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Firefly would have a hugely successful campaign, but it will never happen for a couple reasons. First, as mentioned above, many cast members are starring in other series so logistics would be a nightmare. Especially considering Firefly is a scifi show and needs more than a couple months to film properly. A movie based on Veronica Mars can be shot much more quickly. Also, Joss is a little busy making billion dollar movies for marvel, the director needs much more time than the allotted time for filming. But an even bigger problem is that they already made a 39 million dollar feature film based on the series, and it didn't even make back it's budget at the box office. No way would the people involved try to make another for a fraction of the budget. No matter how fanatical the fans are (and they are REALLY fanatical, so much so that sometimes I'm embarrassed to admit I love the show myself), the fact is there just aren't enough to justify another film.


Chuck, on the other hand, is a prime candidate for a similar treatment if this project works out. If Veronica Mars winds up with $10 million or so for a budget, then actually delivers a quality product, I think the sky will be the limit for other cult favorites to try their luck. Chuck would be right in the wheel house. This business model probably wouldn't be suitable for scifi projects, as big screen versions of them are expensive. So probably no Fringe, Stargate or BSG either.

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