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77006 Maledrakh' s Shai-Hulud WIP

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Very good idea! Reminds me of Paul Atreides riding the dunes of Arrakis on a gigantic sandworm. The time will come for him to lay claim his crown... Don't fret he's strong and he'll make a stand, against evil and fire that spreads through the land, he has the power to make it all end.

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Just a short update.


Base: a simple 60mm old akrylic flying base with some green stuff on. This is the first layer. I will be trying for a sand-dune look without the rocks that are around the bottom of the figure. I will either carve them off the figure or build the sand higher. Or both.




Army painter paints do not stick to the worm, even after washing. So I will need to spray it. Which is a problem seeing as it currently is about as cold as in my deep freezer outside, and I do not have any place indoors where I can use a spraycan. I will try an old brush-on primer I have lying about. You can see where I tried a bit of brown, and had to wipe it off as the plastic rejected the paint.

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Yes, i did. I tried some citadel on the other side, it seemed to stick ok. It might just be the specific shade of army painterbrown i tried. I will do some more experiments.

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Do use use a one of the washes of army painter? If you use a wash or ink directly on the plastic, it could be possible that it don't hold on the miniature.


First paint it with normal paint or use a primer before using a wash/ink.

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Yes, i did. I tried some citadel on the other side, it seemed to stick ok. It might just be the specific shade of army painterbrown i tried. I will do some more experiments.

anything that's watered down Will do that on bones, there's two things you can do, switch to something that isn't cut or you can keep washing it and letting it dry between coats, each wash acts as a small layer of primer and after some time you will get a layer down and you could paint as normal.

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It has been slow going with the Shai-Hulud. Not much time for minis these last couple of weeks.

and also struggling with the base for the Shai-Hulud. And then – inspiration. A dune.



so a rough dune done in green stuff.


A CD was used as the base of the base, as I did not have anything better handy.

Big mistake. CDs are made of akrylic (I think), a hard and brittle plastic. And really horrible to cut. Ages of scoring followed by —the scissors.

Do not try to cut a CD with scissors if you want a clean cut. Agonizing breakagesn and flying shards ensued. Should have used a saw of some kind. Oh well.


Also, green stuff really is too expensive to be used for large base-filling such as this. One uses what is at hand and regrets it later.


It is all to be covered in fine sand anyways.

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    • By Dan S
      This is the 'Great Worm' by Reaper (SKU: 77006) and one of my favourite minis (I love the movie Tremors).   The drool and stringy saliva in the maw were a bit of an experiment, they turned out ok, but I feel I need a little more practice to get it right, thanks to everyone who gave suggestions and advice on drool effects in my 'Slobber, snot and drool' thread a few days ago. 
      Overall I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. 


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      A breezy, cool night in the high desert. Heat lightning crackles on the horizon. Gusts of wind bring the faintest scent of far-off rains.
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      All at once, a rumble. The earth quivers and vibrates. Grains of sand begin to dance about near the lip of the hole; then, pebbles. 

      A frenzied writhing that sets the land in tumult! A great roar, the sound of it almost a solid thing, impossibly basso. Again, and again. There is a faint reply on the desert wind: an echo? or another of the unfathomably great burrowers beneath? It's hard for you to tell, but eventually the titanic bulk subsides and the desert is quiet once more, save for a faint shifting of sand and a ripple on the dunes heading for the horizon.

      This was an old project I never posted; painted back when washes were almost all the paints I had. A great sculpt, dynamic and expressive. The purples are alternating layers of midnight blue and a sort of pinkish red. I should go back and add some razzamatazz to that belly, now I'm seeing the big photographs. 

      While a lot of people think purple worms are D&D cribbing Frank Herbert's sandworms as it did Margaret St. Clair and John Wyndham's fungal underdarks and dark elves--and they ARE pretty rad--I'm convinced that the genesis of both was far earlier, in a 1929 David Henry Keller short from "Amazing Stories." It's called, appropriately enough, "The Worm," and is worth the few minutes of your time to track down and read.
      Come to think of it, this story might have also partly inspired Ray Bradbury's "The Fog Horn," though the tone of that story is much more wistful and melancholy and less increasing dread. And without THAT, and another tonal shift, monster movies and kaiju movies might have been very different indeed.  
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      Goremaw, the great purple worm, I made lots of mistakes while painting this mini. I had to go back and correct a lot of over painting. Tried to use Army painter paints, didn’t care for them. Constructive criticism is welcome. Sticking to Reaper paint from now on. 

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        If you walk without rhythm, you won't attract the worm...

      P.S. If you walk without rhythm, you'll never learn!
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