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Fungus Ovoid

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Or as my sister called it... Deformed Easter Egg. LOL


I decided to make a WIP for some deep cavern scenery I am custom making.


The first colorful piece is really a ball of sand, ballast and glue.


It is a spore producing fungus that sits upon a small stem. A parasite plant is growing on it.


Read and see the WIP, "Sauteed with Butter" ... http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48081-sauteed-with-butter/


Here it is ...




Feedback welcome.

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As a Mushroom Fan I'd say that you've come up with a LOVELY & UNIQUE species there. The colorful paint job adds to the lovely aspect. GREAT WORK!

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It looks like a fungus with a fungal disease, or perhapse the fungus is producing spores to infect the poor dungeon dwellers...

I like it :)

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Thanks for the comments and keep them coming. More will be made shortly.


In the interim I have made a Ten Foot Mushroom ... see the WIP.

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    • By InvisibleThumb
      WIP #1 was animals.  
      WIP #2 will be plants.  
      Until Bones 3 arrives, I only have 2 sets of plant creatures.  Spirit of the Forest and Mushrooms (a 3 pack).  I decided to warm up with the fun guys.  First sliced some mold lines.  Not too bad and not being super picky with these.  Here they are ready for their bath.

      After some hot water and a scrub with the old toothbrush, I mounted them each on their own homemade holder.

      staff on the big one was noticeably less bent after the hot water rinse.
      then they got a diluted coat of brown liner.

      next up... Base coats.
    • By odinsgrandson
      Here is one of my favorite sets of minis, of all time.  They're the Fungal Growth Spawn point for Super Dungeon Explore, and I based the color schemes on the various colors of mushroom monsters from the Dragon Quest series.



    • By Evilhalfling
      Presenting the Amethyst Deceiver: with a name like than and such great colors how could I not paint it? 
      also the shelf fungus on his back is Chicken-of-the-woods,  previously painted as one of his minions. 

    • By Raistlarn
      Hi everyone this is my first post on these forums.  Here's my take on the Fungus Patch by Bob Olley, which I painted up for a friend.  To make this I used some old GW paint, green Vallejo paint and some homemade glow paint, then with a top coat of a glossy spray paint to give the mushrooms a shiny look, but I may top it with a coat of satin or mat to get it to the shininess I like.  The glow paint was made from around 1/4 oz Liquitex Matt Medium and 1/4 oz  ~30um Glow powder which I bought on ebay. 
      Please forgive me for the bad quality images.  I was using a bad camera and had bad lighting when I took these.




    • By Thrym
      Here it is the finished ten-foot-tall Myconid Cephalopod. This strange critter lies in wait luring unsuspecting underground miners or adventurers close with its seemingly harmless glowing cap and then using both of its ten-foot-long tentacles it will rend you in half.
      Wish I had lighting to make give this an underground look but here are the shots.
      These are pre-Dullcote pics. I sealed the cap except for the spots to make it a little off. I also sealed the stalagmite and growths its perched on so it looks wet. Once I Dullcote it, I will likely add a bit of gloss varnish back to those areas.
      As always comments are appreciated. If you see something I might have done differently or something I might improve with a different technique, please let me know. Please include links to videos and/or tutorials.
      Thank you for checking this out.
      From above the cap:

      From below the cap (slightly):

      If you want to use this idea in your campaign simply use the stats for a Roper and describe it like above. The players will never know what hit them. And then from here on out Mushrooms of any size will make them paranoid ... without eating them.
      Blog Post | WIP
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