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I agree and there is a contest ongoing here (TMBG) which he definitly qulaifies for in many categories.  So you have plenty of time to finish him to your level of perfection and of course relegating anything I might enter to the random prize draw as I would have no chance against this painting job!


Keep raising the bar for us Noob's  we all need someone to follow!

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After kinda having the wind taken out of my sails by this whole ReaperCon issue, haven't felt like painting the last couple days. Finally got around to a couple more hours on the stupid blade. I think the faces are more or less done, though I dropped him once and dinged an edge.


And kids, keep a paint notebook. I forgot what I used for the edge so I'm going to have to redo those again. No pic, just look at the last one backwards if you need a visual :p

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Poor Cash..OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Noooooooooooooooooo.

Your Notebook idea is a fantastic one.

I've been using one of my watercolor notepads.. write a note, and splash the color next to the note.

Looks horrible... but I can find the color I created.

You again had a terrific idea.

Hope the recovery from the ding is a quick one.


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Bryan is an awesome guy (I don't have that silly thing in my sig for no reason!) and he has gone above and beyond every time I've had an issue that he could address. So it's just a blip and I'm sure everything will work out; but it happened exactly when I had a couple free days for painting, so a bad timing kind of thing.


Really, the thing that makes me crazy is how long this guy is taking. It's on a whole 'nother scale from anything I've painted before and I'm not really doing anything /that/ involved. At least I didn't think it was.


Glad you are getting use from the paint notebook! Not my idea but I'll surely take credit, muahaha!

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Sympathy like.


Sometimes working too long on one miniature can drive you crazy.  Do you have some other projects you can work on, if only for an hour or so to clear your mind.  Maybe a speed-painted bones?  You don't even have to show us- just use it to relax.  And, if reaper has a speed-painting contest, you can tell yourself you're "practicing" so it isn't "wasted" time!  But seriously, if you're not feeling this fellow, set him down for a bit.  You've still got plenty of time before march.


I've reached a point with my sepia where I need to take a break- I keep looking at it and knowing I want to fix it, but the fixing just isn't feeling right.  So, I'm going to work on the base, or other things.  Don't know if that helps other than, I know what you mean about being consumed by a project.  Pingo commented in the Randomness thread that after she finishes something she feels something along the lines of empty of inspiration for awhile- I think working so hard and focusing so much on a project will do that- it literally sucks the life out of you.  I think you're pouring your soul into this which is beautiful and amazing.  Go recharge the soul for a day or so. ::): 


And I really hope the Reapercon thing works out!  Fingers crossed.

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Corporea is right. When a piece is becomes a struggle it can have a bad effect on you. Also, you are hard on yourself as a painter. You have very good instincts and you can trust them.


Personally I like what you're doing here. It's different, it's creative and it's a fresh idea. Stick with it and it will be all you want it to be.

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Thank you ladies, you are correct as usual!


I think it might be a bit of a hassle to move onto the next model before finishing him, though. I think I'll move on to the nmm as that will be a nice change of pace (though not easier for sure). That and the loinclothy bit and then go back and finish up the sword and he's done.


Part of the reason I stay so focused on projects is that I paint on the coffee table in the living room, so everything needs to find a home when I'm done painting. I upgraded my paint case to a larger model, but it's still easier to do one project at a time and then swap the paints out into their larger, more unwieldy plano-style Reaper boxes.

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And the saga continues. It's funny because the Vikings had sagas. Ahem. More work on the blade, deepening some of the reds to give some value and hue contrast (there's not actually much red on the model). Sitting at arm's length I want more contrast still, but this is getting silly and so I made another go at the edges. Note to self - watching South Park while painting is detrimental to brush control, I had to pause several times because I was chuckling so much. I also made another pass on the horns, though I want them bright I see they should probably be darker to show better against the flames.



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It may be just me (and by no means think I'm demanding this, you're on a scale well beyond me!), but I think the horns could be darker.  Almost like a buring charcoal, in contrast with the maroon skin, something more akin to dark grey or even black.  It'd give you a great way to add some dark blues in there and give the face some nice contrast without looking like strangely shaped skin.


Also, I'm going on the record with the face that looks like this when I look at that Efreeti ::o:

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That's just a first pass on the horns to sketch out the idea. But going to the very dark red/brown of the lines on the skin is where I'm heading and we'll see what it looks like when I get there. I kinda want to so some either dark or light veins, but I think it would get too busy with everything else going on and I'm wary of sticking my foot into another time sink with this guy.

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I agree on the busy aspect of the veins.  That and the awesome sword might be overkill, but I don't know without watching one of the masters at work. 


Anyhoo, the reason I mentioned blue is that everything's so warm, I'd be afraid a brown would blend in too much. 

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