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Yup. Big robots are always great. I dont't know how to darkline, but maybe a quick black wash in the crevases of the armor plates?

I also like how you've painted a thin orange highlight along the edges of the plates. Maybe it's just the photo, but those highlights could be even brighter to pop out the plates.

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Yeah line the edges of the plates with a thin line of a dark colour. With red dark brown with a touch of red in it will work well.


Depending on the colours you have available running a line of lighter red (yes red not orange) along the top edges will do a lot as well, the same highlight can be touched to the rivets to pull them up more.

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On the subject of darklining, look at Buglips' Bones WIP request thread. He has shown a lot of blaclining (mind you it's a bit... messier, but then again, he's a bodger, so what do you expect).


You're also off to a great start (also: Welcome to Khador!). A good thought is the colors are a smidge flat. I do the same thing, red is really hard to get right.


I tend to layer mine, typically with a red-brown on my base coat, highlighting up to the red I want using smaller and smaller lines until I get the effect I want. I tend to highlight using oranges and yellows, myself, but there are others who are less fond of this technique.

I hope this helps.


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