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I've really been enjoying the Chronoscope Bones.  As a primarily fantasy and horror gamer, there are quite a few of them I can't think of an immediate use for, but others....


Others are very useful.  For example, that Black Mist character?  I guess he was intended in a general way for a superheroes game, as a Shadow expy.  But, he makes a fine Call of Cthulhu investigator, and an equally fine Call of Cthulhu cult leader or other villain.  He'd work just as well in a modern game as a spy, eccentric zombie-hunter, terrorist, or bank robber in any setting from the 1920s to the 2000s.  With a weapon swap to revolvers, he could fit in well with the weird west guys (he might even work as a not-Lone Ranger, given some revolvers... or, not-Zorro, given a rapier).  He takes a weapon swap to swords really nicely to become a fantasy Rogue or Ranger character, either heroic or villainous.


It's the versatility of a lot of the Chronoscope line that caught my attention - it's great stuff :-)

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I hadn't seen the Black Mist character even though I look through the Chronoscope pages a lot. I think I'll be ordering that one.


The modern zombies are fantastic. I've looked at a few different companies zombies, but the Chronoscope ones are some of the best out there.

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