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A Trio of Assault Marines

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Okay, put the finishing touches on these three this morning. Some good old school Assualt marines, these guys had been in my bits box for 10 years! These chaps are all metal! Really enjoyed getting some paint on them. Painting the jump packs was time consuming and each model was loaded with lots of little details.


Other than a little fuzz getting stuck on a couple of these guys during the sealing process (noticed it after reviewing the photos), I really had no issues while working on these three models.


Freehanded all the markings, except for the metal Ultra shoulder pads.


Note: No metallic paints were harmed during my work on these models.


Probably my final three pieces until this fall. That makes 28 models total from October to March. Not to shabby for this old bearded guy with three daugthers and a 50 hr. a week job... :;):


Here's few pics. Sorry they're a bit washed out...











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Stern, I have really enjoyed you work on the 40K stuff and these are further examples of how well you paint. Your concepts are also well rounded. I am going to be getting my first set of space marines "Wolves Pack" specifically. The wolf part of that caught my eye and I am sure everyone would be able to tell why. I am not sure if I should stick to the color scheme or not though. Is that important in 40k or are there different schemes for units?

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Yeah, I'd like an answer to that one too. I bought a 2 pack of chaos space marines (I figure - eventually you have to paint a space marine, and they were cheap), who don't seem to have any of the chapter sigils on their shoulders, so I'm not sure how to paint them, since they don't appear to be part of one specific group. These are older ('94?) models, metal bodies, with 2 small guns instead of the now standard "bolter", or gun/chainsaw combo.

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40K has a pretty big and comprehensive schedule of unit colours and markings that include "chapters" (like Space Wolves, Ultramarines, and the various Chaos Marine types) as well as elite squads, veterans and so on (for eg., Dark Angels are dark green, but veterans wear bone-white tabards as well, Terminators wear all bone white, and their biker squads wear all black... or at least that's what they were back around 2000). The huge quantity of background material, offering layer upon layer of detail, is one of 40K's big draws.

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Thanks guys.


@CookJJr: Yeah, that's what I dig about the 40k stuff, you can paint 'em how ever you want or you can look thru all kinds of source material...


Baugi, sky is the limit man. Paint those Chaos models how ever you want... Moreover, there are tons of reference material if you want to have some continuity with your models andlong with your own unique aspects..


@Smokin' I concur man. You can use the 40 rerference material to guide you, but there really no limit if you are painting to paint. I don't play 40k, I would love to learn at some point, but for now I am content to just work on painting som really cool kits.


Thanks again guys.


SK and B.

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Hey thanks guys...


ThesH: Hmm camo. Never really thought of it that way. I am trying to simulate relfection off a flat-semi polished metal surface. However, at the wrong angles it looks a bit wonkie... :down:


Butt hey, I am trying to paint an entire army in the same style!


Nameless: Good to know Beard and I aren't alone.



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