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... And Justice Was All He Had To Give


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Well since no one else is asking - how the heck did you make that log??! It looks great!


I love the colour scheme you choose for this. The blue and brass really compliment each other.


I found a good size stick in the backyard and used a Dremel in the most safe way possible, by holding the stick in my hand while boring a hole through it. I drilled on both sides until they met and then drilled a hole in the top. Then I painted the log with some browns and greens.


Excellent work. Nice smooth trim on the clothing and the basing is very nice. The armor really has a very realistic look to it as well. One Question though; did you leave black base unpainted?

Thank you very much :) Yes, I left the black base unpainted. Do people normally paint them? They were Malifaeux? bases 50mm.


I'm a person who loves basing almost as much as painting the miniature, and you nailed this warrior and also the base. Great job! I think what really stands out to me is what a great job you did with the gold metals, a bold choice that you executed really well.


That is funny, I was telling my friend the other day that I actually like the basing part more than painting. I gotta paint just to get to the fun basing stuff! Thanks for the compliment. Bold is good.


What did you use for the ground/dirt on your base? It seems to have a more varied texture than any of the stuff I have.


Medium gravel I think, it was from Michaels in a little bag. It may have been woodland scenics, but it was very close to the Galeforce 9 medium basing grit I saw in a hobby store.



Thank you everybody. I don't have any friends who do this stuff. It is nice to know I am on the right track and others have fun looking at some of what I have worked hard to make! :)

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