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Dark Sword Ranger with Bow


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Thanks everybody - I'm really pleased with this one. Painting about a miniature or so a week has really improved my painting since I really got down to business last fall.

The bowstring is not perfect?

The colors, the basing, the presentation... This is a really attractive figure.

It is really nice and thank you, I just tend to be my own worst critic.


Very nice. Love the muddy bottom of his cloak

This was the first time I've really tried weathering and I think that it came out really nice for a first try. I'd like to experiment with it some more. I really like a "gritty" or more realistic looking miniature and I think that weathering really adds to that.


Nicely done on both the mini and the base.

That mini is own my own Darksword to get list.

It's really a must have miniature if you ask me. It's just all around excellent.


That bowstring is amazing. what did you use? The base is equally so, but that I can at least guess at.

I used some woodland scenics tall grass. It worked out really well, I think I got the idea from a forum post somewhere? It's a little fiddly to work with, but once you get into place it looks like a great bowstring.

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