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02955: Krokuta, Gnoll Cleric

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So in preparation for my Bones kickstater order to come in, I have been painting a lot, and I mean A LOT this past year. Here is one I think turned out well.













(And please don't tell me I need to base my figs, I know I do, I just haven't decided what I want to do for figs I plan on using just for D&D enemies.)


I'm going for decently quick minis that look impressive as enemies our player characters can fight. So no golden demon here, but I think she turned out well. :blush:


I'll be posting a few more and maybe even create an album somewhere so I can show off more and not spam the forums here. Since I got some considerable butt in the chair time in since the Kickstarter, and have more finished minis than I ever dreamed I would have. ::D:

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@Shadowraven, it's not a complaint, I have thought that as well. It got painted dark brown because when I did my planning for the mini I thought it was a log of wood. Why did she have a log of wood strapped to her back? I didn't know, I thought maybe she wanted to be able to start a fire at a moments notice. Maybe she's all like "Maybe you didn't start the fire, but I did!"


It wasn't until I started highlighting that I realized that it was a bedroll and I could have punched the color a bit. But since I have promised myself to not paint and repaint, and paint again my minis (because that is where insanity and the shelf of shame/unfinished minis lay) I left it as is. She's a gnoll preistess, maybe she has taken a vow of poverty or something and only has a coarse brown blanket to sleep on. I don't know, I don't judge. :;):


@Atramagus - It's not the number painted, it's not even the percentage, it is the fact that one more mini is ready for whenever it may be needed in any upcoming games. There is one more potential mini to bring color and excitement to the gaming table. It's not about winning, or whoever has the most done, it's about getting 1 more done. :blush:


@Monkeysloth - Thank you!


@JoshuaSlater - I don't know if I want to know what woofslapped is... whether it's by that flail or not. :lol:


@Mutilatedlips - Totally rip me off then! Picasso said thief was the highest form of flattery! And I am sure whatever you do it'll look great! I wanna see it, so paint her (or him) up!

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Thank you Cashwiley, I am glad someone got my reference, and I wasn't being too obscure and unfunny. :poke:


Spinward Bound and Bikerdrew, I like one side of her face more than the other. I went in a little too hot when I went back in the re-establish the midtone after shading, and she looked a bit off. Also I feel like her face is a good demonstration on how I need to push my highlights a bit more sometimes. But I am glad to hear I'm being overly critical of my work. :lol:

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