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SPLIT: Using the Bones Dragons, or: How many Dragons can you use?


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With any suggestions of mine, I haven't RP'd in anything since second edition, so that's how I think of spells and attacks and things, I have no idea how they've changed for 3rd and 4th.


In regards to Clocky, we were talking about it some more and one of the other ideas that came up was rather than a breath weapon, he has a breath buff.


So rather than a weapon, he casts haste or some other time based buff on his own troops. Imagine a horde of 40,000 orcs outside a city, then a couple of clockwork dragons fly over and haste the 40,000 orcs in a round.

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i like the idea of giving him multiple breath attacks that are each simple, like many of the metallics. i think steam and grease would be really cool.


grease breath could be crazy! seems harmless enough, but id make it grease up anyone hit from head to toe, and grease the AOE. suddenly everyone has to worry about dropping every item they might grab!

"well ill just grab my swor...oops. ok, ive got a dagger....uh oh. um....a potion...dang it!"

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Shower of Shrapnel?


I like that.


I like that very much.


Perhaps as the dragon is damaged, it can spew out parts!


Or . . . OR!





Give it a % chance of boiler explosion!



Party: "Ha ha! We have defeated your vile contraption!"


Me: "Everybody make a saving throw vs. catastrophic pressure vessel failure."



(Later, in a tavern)


"And so that's why none of us can grow any hair. True story."


(Female Wizard whispers in storyteller's ear)


"Oh, and also in the end it turned out to be Kaladrax."

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I guess it comes down to what kind of thing the Clockwork dragon is.


It could be some devastating Gnomish death machine spewing grease and steam


or they could be an outer planar creature from the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus. Living machines driven by extra planar energies.


or they could be Emissairies of the God of Clocks and intricate devices.

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Old gearhead is what a huge dragon approximately? Can you image a grease spell that covers a 50 foot area of ground?

Maybe you could adjust him to fit a 3" square diagonally with some bending and re positioning, but I suspect he'll fit more at gargantuan, OTOH he won't look gargantuan compared to say the roid-tastic Wotc Gargantuan White Dragon or Wotc Gargantuan Blue Dragon. Those two musclebound lunkheads are spilling over their 4"x4" square bases.


Here is an image I pasted together based on descriptions I read.




And here is the dragon next to some figs who I strongly suspect are on 25mm bases, using those bases as a measuring stick, it looks like you might get Wyrmgear on a 3" round with a bit of work. Like if the joints can be turned, position Wyrmgear at a sharp upward angle, front paw on a rock outcropping.




Me, if I have one of the clockwork dragon left, I'm putting him on a 2"x4" pill base, or a 95mm x 120mm oval if he is a lot broader than he looks in the photos.

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Interesting number of responses to this strand....


When I look at the Bones Vampire set (and the bits I added onto it) I think of how I am going to use them in my Pathfinder campaign.


In a few weeks, I am starting a campaign with all dwarf characters, set in an alternative sort of Viking setting.


The first set to get painted will have to be the kobolds from the Dungeon Attack set. They will be at the heart of the first adventure. Giant rats will be there too...and will become a recurring theme in the campaign.


I am looking at the dark elves to play the hidden antagonists who are actual a front for the real antagonists. I see the dwarves as player characters. I am looking forward to the orcs and goblins in the Dungeon Attack set...because I'll need classic monsters for dwarves to fight.


Of course, I'll need every one of the 10 giant figures I bought to play the baddies in a series of giant related encounters. I tend to think in larger terms, by which I mean all of the giants on the table at one time in epic battle situations. I already have a good stock of Reaper trolls to work with. What self-respecting dwarf does not have a few troll-fighting stories to tell? The Bones cave trolls are very effective miniatures and an easy paint job. I have three on order to match the four others I have locked and loaded.


I bought two dragons, including the very large dracoliche and the clockwork dragon. Kaladrax can lurk up in a glacier somewhere, hoarding epic level artifacts. That will be a bonus, optional encounter....not a part of the campaign narrative, just an alternative ending. The clockwork wyrm is more difficult to work in. Possibly, he could appear as something created by the dwarves themselves?


Every campaign needs a few outsiders and demonic interlopers. Those will need to get painted late in the process.


Of course, the various undead figures will always be welcome in any campaign. The undead fit into almost any situation and can be expected to lurk patiently in sealed chambers, abandoned halls, tombs, graveyards, battlefields, haunted forests, shipwrecks and anywhere else you need a really patient and non-eating/breathing monster in order to make sense.


The elementals will get tossed onto the gaming table early. Elementals can be worked into just about any encounter area and make a nice break from fighting the unholy terrors of the multiverse. There is something refreshingly neutral about elementals. They will kill you...oh yes...but their attacks are impersonal and relentless in a way that fits into any story arc.


Strangely, the Mythos Monsters will have a place in this campaign. Who lurks in the deepest depths of the underworld if not for the minions and spawn of alien beings best not mentioned by name here?


Pretty much, any miniature with horns is going into what I am thinking of as the "evil fey faction." These are the agents of evil in the surface world encounters. When I add them to my extant forces of beastmen, ibixians, satyrs and demonspawn Reaper characters, this will be a formidable force to toss onto a game mat.


Figures like the owl bears, griffons, ice wyrm, colossal skeleton and all the other random beasties will make nice incidental encounters for the campaign. I am looking at the swarms and creepy crawly things to make for some interesting situations in the deep darkness of the world.


Most of the wonderful paladins, bards, pirates, Pathfinder iconics and similar models meant to represent player characters will be last on the list of figures to paint. I won't need them right away in a campaign centered around dwarves. Likewise, the space marines and zombie hunters and their ilk will have to wait for the stars to align in order to get onto a gaming table.


The human townsfolk are problematic in a dwarven campaign, except in the context of a bar scene or two...since it will only take a small amount of imagination to make them into dwarven citizens of the local realm.


So, yeah....I have some plans and dragons only fit into a tiny corner of my machinations.


Now, like everyone else, I need to actually receive the Bones Kickstarter miniatures in order to get them painted and going.


PS: I just had a monster good idea. How about Reaper's Kabaka Kwana painted as the Abominable Snow Monster? The dwarf players think they are dealing with ordinary yeti, only to discover an awfully large cave entrance....suspiciously large. They are about to find out that Bumbles bounce. "Lookie what HE can do!" Oh yes!

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