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I edited this post include a list of my tutorials:   Sculpey Base Tutorial Marble Base Tutorial Maple Tree Tutorial Ode to Blue Face Painting Tutorial     Original start of WIP:   I've been

Ok, I have to admit, I was eaten by a dragon and couldn't post!    Actually, I blame work, but I have been working on a dragon in my spare time.  I had this weekend off, so I got a decent amount done.

Such an awesome warm fuzzy day! Thanks!!! I know what it's like to miss clay- my poor wheel has been sadly neglected since I picked back up my hobby brushes.   I made it to the hobby store, got

Posted Images

Also working on another Bones Worm. This one is supposed to look like malachite and azurite (since they only differ by about 1 subscript and are often found together...)

inspiration courtesy of google images:


I'll try to do this one as a quick explanation WIP for any new Bones painters out there, although I've been snapping progress pics now for a few weeks.

I started with my inspiration, and washed my worm with soap and water. Then trimmed as many mold lines as I could with my xacto knife. Then put on a quick basecoat of 2 wet blended greens: grass green and viper green. No priming, just paint straight out of the bottle. I then did a wash to darken the creases with peacock green first, then vallejo dark blue. I started painting the belly with vallejo golden olive here as well, with some walnut brown at the edges. I also blended into the sides with dark blue.


I did the edges between the belly and back with the dark blue. The I started outlining the pattern I wanted. I mixed the viper green with pure white, probably 80-20ish.


Then I started playing around with lots of greens. I mixed the peacock green, brilliant green and viper green all with some pure white or vallejo golden olive to flesh out the pattern.


I didn't like the speckled look, so painted over it. Next I started in on the pattern on the belly. I wanted it to be more of the yellow/golden side of malachite, but I need to increase the contrast because it seems very faint. It's done using mostly golden olive, walnut brown, and some viper green also a few areas mixed with pure white.


I also started lightening up the dark blue with a drybrush of blue mixed with a bit of white and then put on a wash of vallejo royal purple. And that takes me up to the present.


Brushwise for the basecoat I used a Davinci #4. For the washes also the #4. For the detail work I started with a #2 and then went to the #1 for the tiny lines. I'm liking the #2 best for most of my work- it holds paint well, doesn't dry out quickly and still has a nice point. When I do the freehand I brace my ring finger against the worm, my elbow on the table for extra support.


I'm planning to finish up all the detail work, then glaze over top with golden olive or viper green mixed with gloss medium, to get a translucent shine and add some yellowness to the cool greens I've got right now. More later.

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I love the spider, very creative!


The worm reminds me of something, a moth I think, with similar colouring. Hey! Maybe your "worm" is actually a caterpillar. I'm picturing a Mothra in your future. Very impressive painting in any case.

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Using that broken piece of glass was inspired. Very nice work there incorporating it with that colourful spider.


Lesson learnt today. If one is going to have an accident involving broken glass, make sure the glass has an interesting colour pattern. :;):


Actually. Your sources of inspiration in this thread remind me very much of a recent episode of the TV show Face Off. Where makeup artists had to draw inspiration from microscopic images for their work.

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This is why I have a shelf of shame, full of half-finished projects! Also why I like the forum, because once I post something I feel like I have to finish it. I have lots of folks ready to push me to work harder and improve. It's encouraging.

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zing! Actually, it was an old dead battery- gotta recycle, right? At any rate, I've liberated the worm from the battery and created a new base out of sculpey. Again, I tilted the worm about 15 degrees to the right to make it sit more upright- it seems to be more stable that way. Baked my sculpey, glued him down, and stuffed the cracks with green stuff:


Then I primed it with viper green. I think that's a 40 mm round base.

Next I did some touching up, but got impatient and wanted to try out my plan of gloss medium mixed with a bit of color. On the top ridge I used golden olive, the sides viper green and then brilliant green, all mixed with the gloss. It seems to be working. It obliterates some of the detail, but that's ok. I think I like the effect, but I might matt it down later.


It looks more like the malachite now. It warms the colors up like I wanted.

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