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Corporea's Desk of Progress

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I edited this post include a list of my tutorials:   Sculpey Base Tutorial Marble Base Tutorial Maple Tree Tutorial Ode to Blue Face Painting Tutorial     Original start of WIP:   I've been

Ok, I have to admit, I was eaten by a dragon and couldn't post!    Actually, I blame work, but I have been working on a dragon in my spare time.  I had this weekend off, so I got a decent amount done.

Such an awesome warm fuzzy day! Thanks!!! I know what it's like to miss clay- my poor wheel has been sadly neglected since I picked back up my hobby brushes.   I made it to the hobby store, got

Posted Images

Corporea - my family left Ullapool in the 1850s (apparently a father and son had a huge fight in the 1750s and burned the church down with all the birth records prior!).


I love how the colors worked out on this base. I was a little worried because I loved the pre-baked version which was very desert-y.


I can't wait to check these pics on a big screen.

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I think I might tone down the yellow with a bit more purple and green. I'm fighting the urge to say "good enough" on the basework. It's always harder to paint since it is never as smooth as something cast. Plus, it's terrain, so I keep thinking I should drybrush it to get a rough look. And I tend to do more blending with thicker paint. I think I'll get it all basically coated and the colors figured out, then go back and do as much glazing as I can stand to smooth it out. But towards the end of a project I always run out of steam. Must... press on... ::):

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I do that too. Fight it. Don't cop out now. In my experience it is the little things at the end of a project that make a huge difference. Definitely tone down the yellow too. Glazing is fast! It won't take long and it makes a big big difference.

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I mean this in the best way possible, but this base is best described as Lovecraftian. I thought that since last night when i saw pics on my phone - the purples really popped - less so on my computer now... but I can't get the image out of my head. Maybe I should check older pics to make sure it's not my memory tricking me. Yup, the unpainted base looks so alien. It's been an amazing job transforming it.

I agree with toning down the yellow though.

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Wow... Wow... Wow!


Simply amazing and inspiring work! Looking at how intricate the whole composition is, how perfectly your sculpting turned out, and how incredible your freehand work is makes me want to immediately break out the brushes and tools and just sculpt and paint like crazy!


Seriously, that is just wonderful!

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If a project is burning you out or you just run out of time, determine that it is unfinished, dullcote it, and either put it somewhere dust free for a proper day-long primp and preen, or keep it on your desk for touchups as you see them.


This is not from a great painter, just from someone who burns out or runs out of time way too frequently. I find it better to stop and either really extend the final phase so I DON'T impulsively take that shortcut ... you know the one ... or put it off till the desire to really get that good paint job poppin' comes back and I can give it what it deserves.

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Wow- you guys are really the best! The nice thing about weekdays is that I only have about an hour or so to paint, so I'm taking it nice and slow, which is helping. I've started focusing on just a few small areas- I tackled one of the faces in the tree and added some more greenstuff leaves last night.


Thanks for the tip on the dullcoat, Smokingwreckage! That's a good idea! I'll probably take this one to my very first Reapercon (!!) which will be my first real life contest! I'm so excited! When I visited Reaper HQ and looked in the gallery, I was just blown away by how awesome all of the sculpts and paint jobs were. It's humbling and inspiring at the same time. I can't wait to take classes and learn more!


I get a Lovecraft kind of feel with this, too. About halfway through I realized the hair element looks a lot like tentacles, so when I added greenstuff, I tried to accentuate that. Previously I would have said I was more influenced by Tanguy, but now... must research...

Here's an example:







Bruise purple is a retired reaper color. I found it on RAFM. And lo! It is still in stock! Go for it- it's a lovely warm purple. I can get a similar shade mixing white, nightshade and adding a bit of imperial. I don't have amethyst purple, but it might be similar- it looks a little lighter and bluer, though.


Here's a pic of each:



you might be able to work with this one by adding some blue and lightening it up:



It's the highest praise and gives me the best warm fuzzies to know my work makes anyone want to create, too! ::D:

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