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Corporea's Desk of Progress

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My mental thesaurus sort of imploded as I was trying to think of words to describe how utterly epic this is, and how blown away I am by your skill! Your base is gorgeously organic, and it has a wonderful sense of movement to it; I keep expecting bits of it to start flowing into each other, or morphing into other things. Absolutely stunning! When I saw the very first picture of it, I thought the tree was a thumb too, and I was trying to figure out how the anatomy worked with that, given that it was left-handed fingers shown. Look at me trying to bring reality into your fantasy world. ::P:


Your work is very much inspiring to me, and I would love to someday replicate the starry-scape paint job you did on the figure; it's just so lovely! And watching your carving in progress has my fingers itching for clay again, I do miss it something fierce! I've got GS, but it behaves quite differently from clay, and is providing an interesting learning experience. :)


Keep pushing forward, this is a prize-winning piece if I may say so, and it's going to be incredible when it's finished! My only regret is that I'm not likely to see it in person anytime soon, but at least I has shiny pictures! ::):



--OneBoot :D

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I could just sit and look at this aaaaaall day. :wub: There's such a wonder and complexity to it, and it's not even finished yet!!! I quite like the jewel-like eyes you put here and there, and how several of them appear to be looking at him. And I can just see the iris lines in the biggest yellow one that you were talking about. So cool!!!! ::):



--OneBoot :D

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So all that movement and shifting as you change angles, AND when viewed from above the ranger is "invisible".


**&^%$^&** if this piece were any more dynamic, it'd be animatronic. You are really, really nailing the intersection of the 2-D and 3-dimensional aspects of the art here.

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