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aaawww!  Y'all are awesome!!

Strangely, I find monochrome easier than the monotone red.  It takes color out of the equation and just makes me focus on shading and contrast using the type and depth of my highlights.  Like the metal- with really sharp transitions versus cloth with a softer, smoother transition.  Plus, I'm cheating because my "neutrals" all have a hint of color in them anyway, mostly in the cool range.  Muah ha ha hah!  Hopefully more soon...

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That is an amazing concept. I'd be way to terrified to even attempt it.


I do think your NMM has advanced... a lot. I'd say it looks darn-near perfect on her left leg. The highlights on her breastplate(s?) also look really good, but seem slightly "softer" than the leg armor, and not quite as shiny. I think it's that the transition from light to dark is spread out over the whole curve, rather than sharply defined, as on the leg.


You paint awesome things. You'll bring her with you to ReaperCon next year, right?



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As I mentioned in Mocha's thread, but may be helpful for you here as well;




The biggest thing for NMM and other texture effects is to ensure you have the right contrast,

The easiest thing I can suggest is taking a photo of a metallic object you are trying to match(in colour) and then put the photo in Black and white.

Then take your painted mini and do the same. This will help you visualize the adjustments you need to make in contrast/value to help it better resemble your desired effect :)

And dont feel bad if it turns out to be not what you expect, even the best have to constantly check things back and forth to make sure they are accomplishing their goals!
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This is going to be very cool!  I had thought for a little while about doing a miniature with a mirror, but the logistics gave me fits.  Questions like:  How will I make the reflection look right from multiple angles?  What kind of a background will I paint in the mirror?  (And not to mention, do I even have the freehand skills to pull such a thing off.  :lol: )  So, all that is to say that I am really looking forward to seeing how you answer these questions!


With regard to your NMM, it's looking great!  Just like klarg1 mentioned, a higher highlight in the chest region might be a good idea as I've always found that my NMM never truly (some may say never at all  :;): ) pops until I put down a final, pretty bright white highlight.  For me that color is usually Reaper Pure White, but sometimes extenuating circumstances may make one of the off-whites work.

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Ooh, the mirror's reflected background is an interesting problem. I vote for a torch showing up in the mirror and off-stage OSL on the mini! :p


Uh.. I was going to pick one viewing angle... drat it, now you all have given me a challenge.  :down:

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