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Corporea's Desk of Progress

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Oh MY !

Corporea that is INCREDIBLE !!!!

That monocrome painting is astonishing.

I can't imagine what you will be able to do with any color now.

You have mastered black, what would you do with purple, green, Red, or Blue ?

You have just opened up a new world !!

Gratulerer !

Mind Blowing

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yeah- I'm going to try to make it as easy on myself as possible! ^_^  I have some stonework elements in mind and I may or may not build a tree.

In the meantime, got just a bit more done.  I haven't done anything else with the highlights on the breastplate yet...


Wow just wow!

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Ok, so I've been taking everyone's great advice and trying to push the highlights just a bit.  I haven't been painting much.  I just got over one of the worst cases of either food poisoning or evil GI viral madness.  Regardless, I lost 4 pounds in 24 hours.  Ugh.  ugh ugh ugh.  It took me about a week to want to do anything, much less paint.  But I'm back!




I really want to get started on the base but I'm trying to resist the urge.  I want to make sure I have the foot holes lined up right first.  I haven't done anything with the sides/face of the shield except a basecoat- I just wanted to get the underside painted before I attached it.  I'll do the feet after I attach her to the base.

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Lovely work, and glad you're feeling better! The stronger highlights are really working on the breastplate, and her left leg especially is really reading well. If I had any critique, it would be that in these photos, her cheekbones look as reflective/shiny as the armor now, but I'd guess that it's not that case in the hand.

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Thanks all!  Yeah.  I reached a point where I just sat in the bathroom waiting... I miss about 1 day a year being sick and this was definitely it.  I felt so fortunate though because the night I was sick I was on call.  I remember lying there praying no one would call me with an emergency because I wasn't really sure what I could do about it.  No one called!!! Small blessings, right?


And I think I may tone down the face with a glaze later- it's not quite as intense as the armor in person, but it is a bit more contrast than I want.  I was trying to decide what shade of skintone to go with at the time- lighter or darker.

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Wow. This is really coming along.


I also love seeing your process; I don't know why I've never thought about not painting the feet of a mini that's being painted off-base. Totally smart.


Glad you're feeling better! Stomach woes are never a good time.

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Corporea, KATHUD !


This is so delicate a work.

Its inspirational.

You are becoming a miniature whisperer. 

The quiet, sensuousness of this sculpt, and the deftness of your brush strokes makes me breathless.

This is a monumental signature work.

Its stunning in its simplicity.

Thank you for showing us that such a thing is possible.

Magnificent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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