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Corporea's Desk of Progress

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The face needs to be much lighter value, closer to the highlights colours you have now on the NMM.


You also need more pure black to create the sense of reflection for the highlights.


I can post an example edit of your mini I did in PS as a study, if you'd like an idea, however I understand if you would rather just complete this mini without it :)

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That'd be great, Minx!  I can use all the help I can get!  I'm still trying to learn this whole monochrome thing.  I haven't added any pure black yet.  I was thinking of saving it until the end to really push a few area into shadow.  But I could probably start to work it in. ::):   Thanks everyone!!

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Ok :) 


Here it is!

-sped up the contrast on the metals

-softened the black fabric and dulled the highlights on the lower portions, and brought brighter lighting on the fabrics near the crotch

-darkened and saturated the fabrics shadows with a deep blue or blue violet

-blackened hair and added sharp highlights

-lightened the whole face and softened contrast

-did a quick job on the left leg so it didnt look funky, its not as nice as the right

-defined a lot of the lining with blacks, to gain separation from the different objects and surfaces





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Looking great as usual, Corporea! I'd like to see more conformity with the shadow on her right leg. Wappel just posted an excellent example of this yesterday on his blog: http://wappellious.blogspot.com/2014/06/why-do-i-paint-nmm.html


I heard a pinstriper (auto detailing style painting, long brushes) who was painting chrome lettering describe the way light moves across metal as a liquid, it flows, conforms and fills.


The back of the left leg looks a little uniformly high value, too. Oh, and maybe some very small high value spot highlights on the corset, I like the way it echoes the cross motif with the upper chestplate highlights when you quint.

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Fantastic progress! The front of her armor looks really, really good, and your free hand is wonderful. I think you chose a great pattern here.


If I look for flaws (and it takes effort to find them):


I'd agree with Cash that the back of her left leg looks a bit too uniformly bright for metal. (Really shiny metal often looks more dark than light.)


I also have a really, really fine nit-pick is the edge of her shield: The shading on it is great, but fairly uniform. Artificially breaking it up into lighter and darker regions might sell the metal effect a bit more. (The leg armor is naturally segmented, and does this automatically. A flat shield needs "cheating".)


The fabric and skin areas look wonderful to me. I can't wait to see more!

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Ok!  Thanks to everybody for all the help!!  I've set the sword arm in place with some putty, just to check my basecoat highlights,etc.  I've been fiddling with the shield and the armor.  I need to get some more work done on the backside.


I'm getting close to the point where I want to detach her from the cork and get her onto the base.  I think a lot of the touch ups I can do once I've set her in her context.  Plus I really really want to play with my mirror effect.  ::D:

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I really like a lot of the edges you've done on the back: the rim of the shield, the outer edge of her lower back plate, the corner of the "shield" on her shoulder. These points look really nice.


It may just be the screen I'm on right now, but I'd like to see more definition at the border between cloak and pants, and in the shadows on her pants...essentially, I guess I'm saying spend some time on her "backside."


And we all want to see the mirror effect! It'll be loads of fun to stea...umm...watch!

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This is really top work, Corporea, and it has gotten visibly better with each iteration. The feet don't look fully shaded, but I have been assuming those are waiting for basing time. If so, I'm out of comments.


She looks amazing!

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