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So who else will be shortening Kaladrax's tail?


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Since the tail feels excessively long to me, I'm going to shorten it a bit. It should be easy enough since the tail bones don't change size very much bone to bone, just clip a vertebrae here and there, maybe add some floral wire to make the tail hold position. Though maybe rebuilding the tail with animal bones might work if my local supplier still stocks them. Anyone else have Ideas?



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I didn't get one of those myself, but my first thought when I saw that picture was about shortening the tail. There's a big straight chunk of about nine vertebrae after that bit where it looks like it's been roughly joined together, I'd just chop those right out and join it back up.


Poor guy has enough problems, he doesn't need to be tripping over his tail too!

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No, I don't think I will change it. It could be smaller, but I think I will need him in my hands first to decide it.


How did you get the photo?


It look like they didn't change the parts between the rips.

No, you can definitely see some texture there. Looks like they added sinew/muscle between the ribs, instead of just having a weird blank space.

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I haven't decided yet if letting the long tail or chopping it off a bit, I will wait to see the original model in my hands.


What disturbs me really in the mass that i see in the photo beneath the ribs.

It could be that when I have the model in my hands I would try to make some surgery experiments.


The original and large dragon photo was linked in the New Scuplts discussion at page 16


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I actually like the super long tail, it's a neat look. But I think I will boil and form it to a more uniform radius.

I might try bending the last half of the tail up off the table and over the space occupied by his intended victims.... to increase playable space around the model.

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Now if I had bought this I would think about going to the boneyard and picking up more tail and adding it. Anyone know why undead Dragons keep growing?


Because Dragons are a Dying race and with all those good and lawful adventurers that venture in the mountains actually their bones is all that is left.

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My theory on the tail: drill two holes through the entire length of the tail to run two wires. Nitinol wires (check out United Nuclear Scientific Supply). Apply a small voltage to the wires, and they contract, just like a muscle! Two wires with a small battery and circuit board will let that tail whip back and forth like a cats....



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I figure I'm going to curve the whole tail around so it coils around the edge of the base, as a sort of "framing element" for whatever decorative terrain elements are trapped there. I've done something similar for an old dragon model I had that had a looooooong tail, so that I could fit it onto a relatively more compact monster base. It'll allow me to have a base that's wide enough to encompass the space that's overshadowed by the wings, without ending up with a bunch of "bare" ground there. I'm grateful at just how bendy Bones plastic is, so I can even consider these options. :)

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