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01434 - Space Mouslings - Sculpted By: Gene Van Horne - Commission


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I was asked to paint these as close to possible as those painted by Michael Proctor, seen in the Figure Finder http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/01434


I think they came out well for my first mouslings. I think I might have to paint some more soon. They are extremely fun to paint.






Since there were no views of the backs of the mouslings, I had to ad-lib the jet packs.


C & C welcome

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Adorable! These would work wonderfully for Slipstream (Savage Worlds retro-sci-fi) RPG. :D


I wish there were some way I could get tiny little plastic "fish bowl" clear shapes that I could use for "bubble helmets," because it'd be great to put something like that on these models (and still be able to see the face inside, hence the need for transparent plastic).


That is, for the two WITHOUT helmets. The mouse WITH the helmet has a perfectly nice design and all!

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Thanks everyone! I really do not like having to copy others work, but the customer is the boss, so I do my best to make them happy. I will probably have to get another set of these to paint as I would like them. While painting these, I had a vision of what I thought they should look. They are too much fun to paint and the clean up is very easy, so multiple sets would not be a big issue. I would recommend these to all and since there are no examples other than Michaels in the inspiration gallery, I say, lets get a few more versions in there.

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