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I still say this guy's oversized for a goblin. I compared him to Reaper's human figures. He comes in at just one head lower than most of them, which, given his stance, would make him a little taller than the average human if he stood up straight. Goblin indeed, sir! Anyway, the WIP thread is here.




I have some forgecraft steampunk bases, so I decided that would fit him a little better than building fantasy-style terrain. This is a space goblin, after all. Putting him on there would have been a lot easier if I'd thought about putting him on the base before painting him. Using the saw was a nervewracking affair, and needless to say, some emergency paint repair was needed. He needed some touching up anyway.




I added some highlights to his shirt with a mix of linen white and imperial purple, then deepened the shadows with some drakeshade.



I also worked over the sword some more, though I don't think it's quite where I'd like it. Still, if I keep fiddling with it, it'll never be done.

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Painted up another couple of these guys.




Here we have the intrepid captain. I decided to go for somewhat brighter colors for these two, so he has a red uniform and yellow/orange shoulder pads.




You can see my first real attempt at wet blending on the shoulder pads, where I highlighted with lemon yellow on saffron sunset. Came out better on some places than others.




Here we have the intrepid first mate. I had fun doing the goggles. Also tried some wet blending, though I dunno how well it came out. He's also my first major practice with Coat D'Arms paints. Legs and sleeves are done in goblin green, chainmail in chainmail with an armour ink wash.




Here's the back of him. I used bases from the same package I used for the first space goblin. Sadly, I don't think they came out all that great, but I was pretty much sick of these guys by then and wanted to be done, so they'll do for now.




Group shot! A crew of space goblins ready to pillage the galaxy.

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Nice Job. I have the red guy as well, but haven't gotten around to painting him yet. The AA "Malig" goblins are pretty neat figures that have aged pretty well for 20 year old sculpts.


Regarding the size, the entire AA "Ion Age" line of sci-fi figs runs pretty big. They are taller than alot of modern figs, with human figs coming in around 30mm or larger.

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Hmm. Looks like they're still being produced....


Nah. It's not likely I'll ever have a need for even these three, let alone a shipful of the little blighters. Still, while I think they're a bit long-legged, and some don't seem to care for the sculpts, I enjoyed painting them.

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    • By LarsM
      Painted this one for a friends army.
      It is the Pathfinder Goblin Warchanter (sku: 89004). ..she is really tiny for my old eyes! :o)

    • By aku-chan
      Presenting the Brewmistress, a Goblin Mage from Games Workshop, this diminutive herbalist can be found plying her trade along the winding road between Veilmouth and Silverton. For two coppers she'll let you take a swig of whatever she's brewing at the time, while her potions are always beneficial, it's probably best not to consider what's in it.
      Despite getting a little lazy with the ingredients rack towards the end, I'm really pleased with how this one turned out.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By R2ED
      It's the weekend and you know what that means - lots of painting.
      Got two little baddies here that are a nice departure from my Goblin Menace group I've been invested into.  I'm sure one of these green baddies is yelling out a command to go attack something, but how fitting to say, "Pull my finger."  Goblins humor.
      Battle report!
      * Tried priming this time with an all metallic spray.  This was the Army Painter's Plate Mail primer.  Worked pretty well considering how much ground I needed to cover with the metallic.  Note that this did not have a tackiness to it like my little crab did with the Vallejo Leather primer.  Strange?
      * Taking a first run over the armor with Nuln Oil helped save a lot of time.  I then went over some of the other areas of the plate with Vallejo Metal Gun Metal.  Win!
      * Tried doing a rusting look over the plate with Agrax Earthshade - win.  Looked nice and grimey.  
      * Since these were already dirty, I figured why not add some damage to the plate and weapons.  Added rust and blood effects to the weapons and it came out pretty good I think.  Added some needed character.
      * The "Pull my finger" goblin doesn't have really good clarity in the sculpt to get two eyes definined.  It wasn't bad to only have the one, but would have preferred two eyes. 
      *  The teeth look pretty bland. Used a white and yellow color mixed but it looked muddled.  Tried to show separation with black line.  Meh.
      * Originally had their lower cloth as warlord purple, but it just didn't fit.  Covered it with Gnoll Hide MSP, but even that looks kind of drab.  I feel that was a good chance to pop up the colors, but fell flat.
      * Used the Breast Cancer Pink again for the mouths.  Still works well, but needed better definition for the rest of the mouth.
      These look pretty decent. I'll have to come up with a fun base or story for these two.  I also snagged the regular goblins, so coming up with something cool for all of them may be a good challenge to come.  
      As always - any areas you see for improvement?

    • By R2ED
      More to come for this little dude. 
      Tried doing a couple things people suggested in my other projects. Mixed inks into paints, went thinner on paint and more layers, focused on less colors and more mixing. 
      Pretty happy so far. 
      Will be following up with damage report, but had to post.
      Always good to have feedback if you see improvements. 

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