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What would be the actual "theme" of this reapercon


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SO I am trying to find out more of the style of this year's reapercon. I understand goth and steampunk, Dark carnival seems appropriate for sophie, And I have seen a couple of other images along the same lines, but what do I call it??


I have tried googling 'Dark Carnival" and have found a couple of similar corseted women and a scary clown, but mostly a website for a Halloween party. The works of Tim Burton seem to apply/ influence..........


What magic search words do I need to unlock the theme/motif??




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I'd be lying if I said the Left 4 Dead 2 Dark Carnival level didn't inform some of the art choices.


Something Wicked This Way Comes was also an influence.

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Imagine a Victorian carnival. The setting is 1895 Steampunk London. And the premise is that Drachen and Grimm's Carnival de Extraordinaire (a dark carnival) has rolled into east London. There are dark happenings surrounding the carnival, and you'll choose one of four factions to join for the duration of Reaper Con. Just like last year, the factions will get points based on how many events you play in or classes you take. At the end, we'll tally up the points and one of the factions will "win" the day, either saving London from the dark carnival or damning it. Fun!


Of course, you could just come and paint and not worry about any of that stuff. ::):

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