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Email address used to register in the Reaper forums

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When I registered in the forums here, I intended to use the same email address I used with my Kickstarter account (not that I needed to, but in case you wanted to tie my forum account to my Kickstarter backer account, as other Kickstarters have done). However, the Reaper forums apparently do NOT accept email addresses with the ".us" TLD. So I had to use another email address to register here. Is there any reason these forums don't allow the ".us" TLD for account registration?

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There was a flood of spammers that all ended in .us. But you look like a trustworthy fellow. I removed the ban filter. You should be able to update your email address now.

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    • By terminalmancer
      I've always kept up with the forum by email, but as of the past few months, I'm just not getting any of the notification emails. It started, really, with the launch of the latest version of the forum software but it's been getting worse since then. Is there anything I can do to get the emails running again? I haven't really been visiting as much since I don't have something hitting my email telling me to. =/
    • By ladystorm
      Do you want to Run a Game?

      By Game, we mean Any RPG, any board game, card game, or miniatures game for which you need table space and up to 6 chairs.

      We are making a few changes to how we register games you'd like to run. This year we have a link on the Reapercon.com website for events to be submitted.
      It will reduce the amount of time I'll need to spend on follow up and provide all the information Bryan needs to get your items listed on the Con Site.
      Until we approve your completed form, please do not solicit for players as your event is not confirmed.  With the venue change, tables are fewer and your event is not a sure thing until we get back to you.
        I won't be accepting requests via comments in thread or via PM.  If and only if you have questions about the form, please email me:   [email protected]
      Please use a clear subject line so my filters don't move you to Spam folders.
    • By kristof65
      So the company I contract to has a service department email address. One person in the organization is responsible for responding to these emails, but this particular email address is copied to six different people (including myself, an independent contractor for them) so that we all know what's going on if needed, and so that one of us can take over if the primary guy is out.
      So a customer sends an email to our service department requesting parts, and to pay for those parts, he provided his credit card info in the email - full number, name, billing address, CVC, expiration date, etc. So immediately, six of us now have his CC information. Fortunately for him, we're all honest sorts, and are not going to steal his CC info (though we can't speak for anyone on the servers in between him and us).
      But that's not the worst part - our guy needed more information, and replied back to the customer without stripping the CC info from the reply email. By the time I saw the email and caught that, and admonished our guy, the conversation chain had been back and forth a half dozen times, and our customer had extended it to two other people in his organization, while our guy added two more on our side.
      This guy's credit card information has now been spread directly to at least 8 different individuals by name, and traveled multiple times through an unknown number of intermediary servers. While I'm pretty sure no one in our organization will knick the info for personal gain, I won't be the least bit surprised if his credit card ends up being compromised at some point.
      While some of the path your emails take may be encrypted from server to server, you can't guarantee that, plus most standard email clients do not store their emails in an encrypted format. And once it hits your recipients email box, you have to trust them to remove it from their computers. If they don't, and just one of them has or later gets a virus looking for that sort of stuff - boom, your number is compromised.
    • By terminalmancer
      I just received a very long text message from a friend of mine I've been trying to talk into visiting Reapercon. He says he registered for the site, got the email confirmation, and then couldn't log in--and the "lost password" form wasn't working.
      Is this a case of the "please tell him to email Bryan at [email protected]" ?
    • By Pingo
      Phew. Reaper Kit announced shortly after midnight Texas time that the forums will be being migrated to a new server today and offline for a little while.
      (I am not officially anything or in the loop, so the rest of this is deductions.)
      I am guessing they need to deal with exponentially increased site traffic owing to the wildly successful first and now second Bones kickstarter.
      Yesterday's Bones II opening day blew past a lot of goals, possibly faster than they expected. At the moment (5:30 AM Texas time, less than a full day after launch), the pledge totals are over a million dollars.
      If their site is offline for part of today, people may be concerned. So Kit gave us a heads-up.
      I have no idea how long this has been in the planning stages, but knowing how forethoughtful the Reaper folks are I am guessing it's been a contingency for a while.
      I would guess it was triggered by yesterday's massive activity. Better to be offline for a brief time on Kickstarter Day 2 than strain the servers and risk crashing as hundreds of new people show up.
      I don't think he said when they would be porting the forums (I'll double check in a second). So whenever it is, see you at the new place.
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