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your favorite minis?


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these three, currently in production by Mirliton! 8D

I think they used to be Grenedier sculpts in the Nightmares range, but I can't check because Mirliton's site is... being weird...

I love the weirdness! Thanks for sharing.




I find the 18/20mm "Woodland Warriors" sentient animal figs from Splintered Light (sculpted by the talented Bob Olley) to be absolutely charming. I like and have Reaper Mouselings and Legion of Justice and Caeke miniatures as well, but those are more on the cute end of things whereas. The Splintered Light figs on the on the other hand are how I imagine animals in the Redwall books to be. Still animals and therefore cute, but deadly serious when need be.




Painted versions from someone else.IMG_1131.jpg

The only problem is that I don't game in the 15-20mm scales where these figures would be most useful. I like to at least be able to pretend that the figures I buy will have a use in one of my games. Someday...

Have you considered running the Mouseguard roleplaying game? I haven't played it myself but friends of mine have, and they adore it.




Buglips. You live in Canada, even that crazy part out where you call home has Canadian winters. Pants aren't tyranical, they are a darn good idea. Freezing one's goblin bits off on a balmy -30C is not a good idea. Now when summer comes around I agree anything that goes past ones knees is to be avoided whenever possible, but it's still to early for that.



Never! You can make me wear pants when you can pry them onto my cold, dead . . . bits. Until then?




Now I'm gonna woad my face and run around screaming "FREEEEDOOMMMM!"

With bug's lack of pants and my lack of top, this forum is gonna be FULL of nudity.

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Thanks cutebutpsycho. I think I was thrown-off when I was looking through this topic today and saw a censor-bar over what I assume was a topless female mini. I figured it was disallowed the mods would be done something about it, but I understand there are things like human error.


I assume you mods are human right? ^_^ One can never know with these crazy goblin Buglipses running around.

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Let's see, my obsession minis are the mouslings. Of those the little mousling bard and the pirate from the adventurer pack stand out as favorites. I also like the native mouse from the Thanksgiving pack.


Non-mousling favorite minis... hmm... Hannah Blackruby by Werner Klocke is definately a favorite. She's very pretty, but scarey how she holds that wand. And the Slyph, by Julie Guthrie. She's a pretty fairy, what other reason is there?


I'm only counting things I actually have, otherwise there'd be dragons in there. I don't have many of those and none of them are the big pretty ones I reeeeeally want. Yet. ::D:

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Have you considered running the Mouseguard roleplaying game? I haven't played it myself but friends of mine have, and they adore it.


I've read a couple of the comics, but I'm not really a role-player, though I considered picking it up just for additional background.


However, for our Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign last summer...


...I ran a couple of animal warbands, both sentient and wild.





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I still have a soft spot for my first mini (and Meier elves in general):


Probably my two favorite from back then:


Now? Hard to say. Probably the Studio McVey strain models or Kingdom Death Scribe and Flower Knight. I have a thing for efreet thanks to that old grennie, so I also really dig the new Hell Dorado pair and I'm looking forward to Jody's Efreet for Imbrian.

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I don't even know where to begin. The entire Rackham Wolfen line, for starters. As a whole, it's my favorite line of models ever. I can't wait to get my hands on "Gandwarf" and I'm a HUGE fan of dragons. I have all of the large Reaper ones except the original Kaladrax. Also have Cang, Valiant's Oracle Dragon and Razorwing, only 1 Dark Sword dragon so far, and I have ALL the Bones dragons coming. Multiples of most..... Beyond that, my mind is short circuiting from all the possibilities.


Oh, on the subject of Mirliton. i LOVE the goblin giant. Need to get one someday.

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Over the years I've loved so many minis and current favourites are so hard to pick.. But some models include;


Ral Lord of the Balrogs (who I need to knock off his base and rebase)



The air Elemental Terror: http://www.nobleknight.com/imagepage.asp?image=AEG99-006a.jpg&name=Elemental%20Terrors%20#1 and the fire one (which I need to finish painting one day) http://www.nobleknight.com/imagepage.asp?image=AEG13-115.jpg&name=Fire%20Terror


I love that cowgirl on dinosaur linked above, but she is just way too expensive for me and I have no use for her.


In Reaper I love the Crusader female cavalry

14224: Lady Jehanne, Crusaders Warlord and 14213: Lady Devona, Crusaders Mage


Then there are the Bombshell Babes and many of Patrick's Reaper sculpts...


Then there are Tre Manor's awesome Aenglish and Aelfar...


Oh and that Samurai-ko back in the first post..




Seriously I'm pretty much a sucker for any good sculpt!

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