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I need a bit of help. I am planning on running a game based upon the Bottle of the Bound. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is a bottle that contains 666 Fiendish creatures.

What I need is 222 each of devil (LE), demons (CE), and daemons (NE) or sub species of each.

I will be starting the players off at level one.

They will be working their way up through the ranks, so they will start off at CR 1 opponents. The following table is per alignment (CE, NE, LE) of the monsters I need

CR: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Extra

Amount 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 12

Now, I do not want to just sick 20 of the same creature at my players at level one. That would end up feeling like too much of a grind. I want each and every fiend to be unique. So, they will have personalities, names, and (hopefully) different stats.

The players will also, among themselves, have a few special items to help them since they will need to deal with this army in as small amount of time as possible. Because after the first CR1 creature comes out, there will be only 11 hours till the last creature comes out.

Now, the big thing I need help with is just getting a bunch of individual CR1 to CR5 fiends. Luckily, the fiendish template is a zero change to CR with creatures of 5 hit die or less, so I can just have a bunch of level two to level five characters to fill in the majority of the CR1 to CR4 group.

So, if anyone reading this could help by coming up with short stat sheets (like the kind found in the monster manuals, not full blown character sheets) for a bunch of fiends that look to have been sealed up during Ancient Egypt (the equivalent of where they were actually sealed), I would be very greatful. Also, I would like a short bio (just a brief glimps at the personality, name, and description of the looks would be good). No need for full on backstories, but I want to have enough to help make each enemy further unique.

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Have you tried grabbing Paizo's NPC Codex and just on-the-fly adding the fiendish template to the characters within? Many of them have personality descriptors and evocative pictures.

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Pathfinder is compatible with D&D 3.5, right? Have you considered using the creatures of Yugoloth? Some super cool old biblical Sumerian/Mesopotamian-ish evils in that crowd...

Think Gozer the Gozarian brand evil, but with less marshmallows and more flayed-four armed-bat-headed-fat-god-devils-with-boar-tusks-and-bull-horns.


Maybe consider changing the stats of some angels to be evil creatures?

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Not a bad idea. How many NPCs are in there? Just so I know how many more I'd have to make still?

It's got 1 NPC at each level, 1-20, of every class in the corebook, plus one for every Prestige class and their iconics at multiple "save points"

Over 250, but I don;t know the exact count.

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Pathfinder is lovingly referred to as "D&D 3.75" due to how similar to 3.5 it is.


And thank you for the information, this will help a hell of a lot. Now to save money from a couple of paychecks to get the NPC codex. Or, I might be able to sell my DM (this idea is basically a breather for the main campaign) on it or to him.


I still will need to make about half of the fiends, but that is a hell of a lot less.

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heh, a hell of a lot.


it may not be as helpful as the last thing I said, but try here for inspiration, at least.


Good, long review of some more interesting demonic beings in the D&D pantheon. Not sure whether or not they're all from the same versions, but a lot of monsters end up recycled repeatedly, so it's worth a shot!

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Why not just pick monsters you like from the MM, refluff them to suit and if needed stick the appropriate template on them?


No need to go crazy after all trying to make 666 monsters when there are 1000's already out there that will work with new fluff.

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Are you worried about it for creativity purposes? You can always make up new forms for a demonic centipede or spider.

Give the spider a giant eyeball for an abdomen that constantly oozes a web made of blood, or say that the centipede is a mass of writhing tentacles in a vaguely serpentine form, each tipped with four sets of venomous pincers.


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Honestly, I think I have enough to finish up on my own time with no problem.


The big problem is the Daemons known to be in the bottle.




Specifically, Zelishkar (The big bad needs stats) and Ivixstayn & Loiix (conjoined quasit. How would I stat conjoined creatures?).


The rest I can either just use the normal stat block for their creature type or modify that stat block a little, or add class levels to them.

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for conjoined, I would look at the ettin. and it's ability to attack with both arms without penalty. letting your quasit claw with both hands at no penalty, and get two bite attacks instead of one

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