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Thank you everyone!


This was one of the first minis I bought when I started the hobby up back in October. I've a special affection for old school AD&D monsters, and 'mind flayer' was one of the first things I asked about when I found my FLHS.

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Nice color scheme, I also like the details you did on the mid section of this clothes... if it was a Female mindflayer*, I might even say her Bodice. The contrast is good, and the base is nice and helps set off the fig. Nice job!




*Is there even such a thing as female mind flayers?! I shudder to think it so....

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    • By spitfire23bc
      Avast, me mateys! Hoist the skull and crossbrains!

    • By Maledrakh
      This is the "Soul Stealer" bust from Artisan Guild's welcome pack on patreon. I printed it on my Elegoo Mars Pro resin printer.
      This might be the first bust I have ever painted, not counting an Orc bust from the very early days of Forge World that I started but never finished and sold off at some point in the distant past (oh, the Folly of Youth).

      So why this newfound fascination for busts? I hear you ask.

      Well, it's the RCL again. "Bust" is a quarterly category, and since Reaper only make a very few busts, none of which are readily available at the moment (there will be a few released after Bones 5 fulfills later this year), the fine folks at Reaper have decreed that bust entries are not limited to Reaper product.

      Did I mention that the RCL has been a fun way to choose what to paint? It really helps to keep things fresh and to motivate to finish the pieces I start. And now also to paint other stuff than I usually would.

      I do not buy busts as they are generally outside my scope of interest. However, I do own one or two busts as .stl-files that have been parts of patreon bundles.
      And with such an extensive library of files at hand, once I decide to do one, it does not take long to make supports and print one off.

      But what to choose? Tentacle-face or a human face?

      Do you want to know more?

    • By kazmania7
      always luv pirate's and a mind flayer, woot. Had trouble deciding the clothing for him but that decided to just go with a leather like feel.

    • By CoolAliasHere
      I was going for a more sinister looking fleshtone with this one.  I've done it in green, purple, and finally this one.  I am quite please with how he came out.  Also, I am still getting used to actually using the metallics from the bones paint line.  They are quite bright, even after being hit was dullcoat.  I love the sheen in them.  Hope you enjoy, and as always C&C is always welcome.

    • By Mutilatedlips
      This is my second paint up from the D&D collector series - Scoundrels of Skullport.
      Classic D&D monster, the Mind Flayer!
      The Beholder is here, but I may go back, touch up and take better pics soon. 
      Hope you Enjoy!
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