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CAV: SO Battle Report (sort of)


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Nice!! I always wondered how a CAV could be knocked prone, or fall into a giant pit trap. I really want to see how some CAVs can be designed for Close Combat with another CAV.


I understand that no chainswords will appear in this version, but the 15mm DemoBot I just ordered from Mega Minis will need to appear on the board and throw CAVs around. I hope there are mechanics for CAVs with no guns or rockets, like construction vehicles that are armored and sent out to wreak havoc.


Just wishing.


Check out these construction mechs:



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To preface I've never played CAV before ReaperCon so I can't compare between CAV2 and CAV: SO. I have played Warmachine competitively for about a year and a half.


Anyway, went to ReaperCon primarily to improve my painting skills. Managed to get up early enough Friday to get a couple classes. Afterwards I went looking for the Warlord tables. On my way, my friend, Linkinatutu, stopped me and said I should get in on a game of CAV: SO. Colonel Kane mentioned that it was based on the RAGE system just with 2D6. I figured why not, I picked up Warlord in an hour.


Game 1:


I jumped into a game already in session so I got control of 2 CAVs. We started out in a bad spot, the Tiamat was already out of ammo and we had no cover, but I was able to get my two to an elevated position and took a couple of good shots against the opponent. It ended in a draw to break for lunch.


I had one more class after lunch where Link had two so I decided to get a second game in.


Game 2:


I went with RACH again since I was mildly familiar with them. I was able to advance better but I still took a few hits due to the ADON Wyvern having the satellite uplink (can make a target lock as a free action)

I ended up giving up my seat before I could get in close with the Weasel.


Saturday we slept in a little too late and missed getting class tickets so we decided to harass Colonel Kane. We changed up the table to be Terrans vs. Malvernis.


For the most part I acted as an impartial observer. Link jumped in quite a bit to help anyone who had never played a tabletop game before.Kane even let me GM a game over lunch. It ended up working out quite well as I got time to read over all the SAs (Special Abilities)


Game 3:

Ludo: Terrans vs Link: Malvernis

We decided to get in a quick game during the lunch break. I took the Thunderbird and the Archer. Link brought the Revenant and the Butcher.

I was able to run the Archer up behind a large rock cover and let it wait for my Thunderbird to catch up.

Link made use of the Revenants Assault SA to Run and Gun across the open ground. Fortunately my Reinforced SAs keep the damage down to 1 track per hit.

Link tried to move in close to get the point blank advantage but I was able to get several shots to land so he was already suffering from lower stats by the time he got close.

He was able to land a few good hits on my Archer but I was able to pull back behind cover and make both repair rolls.

By then my Thunderbird had gotten several critical hits thanks to his Blaster SA. I brought the Archer back out and finished off the Butcher. We were running out of time so we went for one last round, the Revenant rolled 1s and ammo jammed. With no weapons left, he had no choice but to surrender.


My overall opinion is that the game is coming along great. We had several instances that we weren't sure how a rule played out but Colonel Kane kept notes and took them back to CAVBOSS for review. We even got an update while at the con. CAVBOSS added the option to delay the ammo loss till turn 5. We had already started treating it as more of an ammo jam, fire control malfunction, but it was nice to get a chance to use each CAV and not have it break on turn 1.

It takes about 30 minutes to pick up well enough to play and about 4 hours of play time to get most of the SAs roughly memorized. I have a feeling that when they do release the rules, myself and the Internets will be making quick reference sheets to go along.

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We decided to get in a quick game during the lunch break. I took the Thunderbird and the Archer. Link brought the Revenant and the Butcher.

I get that you were still fairly new to the game, but only 2 models per side? How many turns did that game last? And how many minutes?
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