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Cthulhu & CAV

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Ok so I've been waiting to see more pictures from the GAMA trade show of the Bones Reaper had on display there, watching livingdice.com for their reports and they didn't disappoint.


In particular they have a great shot of the huge Cthulhu "mini" (gah so much to paint....gibber..gibber) and lurking behind his mind shattering immenseness is something entirely unexpected; CAV models!




Read the report here:


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Yes, that deserved all caps. This would make me uncontrollably happy.


The only "cheap" mech models on the market right now are EM4 (Formerly Steel Warriors) plastic mechs. I like them, but they're a bit dated. CAV in bones would be a boon to mech players everywhere.




Looks like someone at Reaper or Talon is commenting











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Ha! So it is a "project"! With "details"!



See, even in not saying anything, I say anything.


Yes - it is a project. And in the CAV subforum, Jon Walker, developer of CAV has been more open than I. What is being shared there is that these are made of Bonesium, there are 8 prototypes, and we are working on a plan to send more for prototyping once final decisions as to which 4 of the remaining ~120 models are most critical to have this done.


I am not at liberty to discuss pricing or scheduling/release plans.

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