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Cthulhu & CAV

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Ha! So it is a "project"! With "details"!



See, even in not saying anything, I say anything.


Yes - it is a project. And in the CAV subforum, Jon Walker, developer of CAV has been more open than I. What is being shared there is that these are made of Bonesium, there are 8 prototypes, and we are working on a plan to send more for prototyping once final decisions as to which 4 of the remaining ~120 models are most critical to have this done.


I am not at liberty to discuss pricing or scheduling/release plans.


Y'know I've never even looked at CAV before - but in Bonesium I plan to collect tons of these - they look sooooo beautiful....

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Ok, I'll shut up now before LadyStorm comes down on me with the burning fury of a thousand suns for veering off topic.

burning fury... thousand suns... wow.

I'm hot.

True story.

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You know I almost did not take that picture because I assumed Cthulhu was part of the Kickstarter and not newsworthy!


How wrong I was.






He was, but we're always hungry for new Bones pics here. So far from the Con scene we've seen Kaladrax and C'Thulhu, now we need a Nethyrmaul! Pictures like this help give us a better idea of Table Scale and how they look deployed. For my part, I'm very glad you took the picture!

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You know I almost did not take that picture because I assumed Cthulhu was part of the Kickstarter and not newsworthy!


How wrong I was.

IMHO it shows the C'thulhu from a good angle. Its tail is cooler than it initially looked. Both pics reaper put up hid most of the tail, making it look like a dinky tail jutting high out the back. 77194_p_1_mj.jpg


But in actuality, C'thulhu has a very meaty tail, hidden by his thunderthighs. Only a little smaller in proportion to the body than Godzilla's tail.



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Heck, I'm not even sure I'm allowed to tell you that I didn't know.

You could just blame all of this madness on Cthulhu, I hear he's into that kind of thing.


As a working commercial artist I know the pitfalls and suckiness of NDAs and such. Usually I have a minimum wait of at least 3 months after I finish a project until it gets published where I can't talk about it, show my work, etc. etc. If it's something I'm really excited about it's so frustrating.

Also an artist, usually it's the case that when my work finally does come out I consider it 'old stuff' and usually hate it. :blush:


Amen to that. As a fairly new sculptor, this delay can be frustrating because I want the world to see my babies. When I was a painter, there was instant gratification, now there is a 3 to 9 month delay. Usually by the time my sculpts are released/announced, I'm so far into the next several sculpts that I don't even notice that they've been announced until someone says something to me about it. :rolleyes: Typical interaction:


Friend: "Hey Andy, way to go, it looks great."


Me: "Wha???"


Friend: "Your Iron Cobra looks great."


Me: "What Iron Cobra?"


Friend: "In the Reaper Greens"


Me: "Oh, THAT Iron Cobra...um yeah, thanks!" Quickly goes and checks the Reaper Greens page then sends a link to my Mom. ::D:




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