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Your lists of prospective KS Bones conversions/uses

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I haven't seen a thread like this here, so to kill the impatience before the actual minis arrive:

What are your plans for converting particular KS Bones miniatures or using them straight in different games? I'm especially interested in the Vampire set. Give me your inspiration! :>

Please put your list in 1 post and update it instead of adding more posts, to avoid cluttering the thread!




My current list:


rats - converted into Malifaux rats for Hamelin
Chronoscope gunmen - Kaeris' Gunmen or something Guild (Malifaux)
Zombie from Undead Horde or George the Zombie - converted into Essence of Power (Malifaux)
We Be Goblins! (Pathfinder) - converted into random Gremlins? (Malifaux)

Oxidation beast - some Exrah drone (Infninity)

Rosie the Chronotechnician - Moderator hacker/Clockmaker (Infinity)


Also: a full Magic Realm hero mini set, Wiz-War wizard set?, Descent townsfolk/bosses and probably any fantasy skirmish game for the next 5 years :)

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*****: Generic PC & monster types: Hackmaster PCs, NPCs and monsters.

770**: Orcs - Orogs, since the models are bit too large for a 25mm base.

77043: Eye Beast - Rapid beam firing eyeball monsters. Hard shell, eyebeams do decent damage, no other fancy abilities.

77095: Ghostly Summons – tormented souls of lovers, might randomly roll to determine which tropes are involved.

77097: Grave Wraith – Paint fully, add in to my LOTR ringwraith team

77099: Night Spectre – Soul collecting spirit, stronger with each soul absorbed

77108: Shadow Dragon – A dragon who’s were torn off by magic. Painted a little bloodier than Seath.

77161: Ghost King – Add in to my LOTR ringwraith team

77192: Kaladrax - Soul trapping undead dragon, have various mini bits sacrificed to look like trapped souls within.

77194: C'thulhu – Mere Star Spawn for the even bigger Mythos Foundry Great Cthulhu

80***: Whatever is useful in Only War will be used for that.

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I will use science fiction Chronoscope bones to Play Necromunda


Some bones will be modified for being used in the Darksun setting


I want use as much human models as possible to play and Helldorado & Claustrophobia based D&D game


All the rest is for standard fantasy Gdr

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Not vampire, but I thought that Kaladrax because of size is comming unassembled. Might try to put nichrome magnets on both sides with a thin gs coat. Start as a pile of bones, but then before their eyes the bones assemble into the dracolich. That would be great if I can pull off.

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Not vampire, but I thought that Kaladrax because of size is comming unassembled. Might try to put nichrome magnets on both sides with a thin gs coat. Start as a pile of bones, but then before their eyes the bones assemble into the dracolich. That would be great if I can pull off.

You may be better off with some sort of collapsible string system (pull the head up, and Kallie stands in all his gigantic glory). Do you remember the toys where you push a button on the bottom, and it the figure on top wiggled around? Same thing. Not easy, but more likely to work than magnets.


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      So when I unpacked this Big Boi in 2017  I thought he would look really cool without wings.  but I'm it will be a lot of careful work to carve off the joins and resculpt him,  I just don't think I'm ready.  In February I did the scales for my verocthulu conversion, and thought "I could have done that better."
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      When you scroll down on their page, there is a FREE Stegosaurus file to download.
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      Good day everyone, I will share here my progression on a project I wish to do for a long time. I already know all the parts I'll be using for this diorama. Starting with the carefree 03082 Ingrid sculpted by Derek Schubert (I'm converting her as a svirfneblin prospector), accompanied by her faithful familiar the 14453 hunting cat sculpted by Sandra Garrity. They are taken as prey by a 03602 stone lurker sculpted by Kevin Williams. I will also add a 02018 bat from the familiar pack 1 hanging somewhere on the rock wall. I already worked on Ingrid. I removed the base and give her a pickaxe. I made her tool with a paperclip and a piece of scrap metal. This all-project idea started with the gemstone she’s holding in her left hand.




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      Alright.  So I want to share some old skeletons with you to both show off some of my older paintjobs, and to reflect on my growth over the past two and a half years.  An what better way to show off my growth in Bones, than with bones?

      More Below Spoiler:
      I am not a fan of repainting old models or painting another copy of something I've already painted.  I have so many minis in my collection that I'd rather keep moving forward.
      That said, I love painting similar things.  It's a great opportunity to reflect on your past projects and to compare where you started to where you've come.

      I'd love to see some before and after photos of some of your works!
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